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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by GKRR, Jan 11, 2003.

  1. GKRR

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    any opinions or comments on K-Line 3-rail sets would be appreciated. Also in particular, we're thinking about K-1704 B&O classic freight set.

  2. Greg Elems

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    Hello Glenn and Kathy,

    I tried to find your set number on the K-Line web page. No luck. Anyway, it has been years since I ran any K-Line engine. What I can tell you is they were good runners and sturdy. I do have a recent purchase, but I haven't run it yet. It is the WP 2-8-2 and is really sharp looking. Am I correct in assuming the set you are interested in is a steam set? K-Line would be as good as any brand to start with. MTH and Lionel both have starter sets and go up. Another brand that has rugged engines and seems to be staying with the basic electronics is Williams trains.


    Lots to choose from and all prices too.

    Greg Elems
  3. pcentral

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    Hi guys,
    K-Line is at it's best ever right now. They are making trains that rival the other companies offerings. I have never had any major problems with their engines. K-Line started out offering trains from old Marx dies and were a lower priced alternative. Now they are about the same as the other companies in quality and cost. Williams trains as Greg mentioned is a good company with some reliable trains. They make their stuff in the style of postwar Lionel, with stamped metal frames on engines and minimal electronics and details. If you are not concerned with details, then Williams has great reliable trains. If you are big on detail then check out Atlas O equipment as well as the new stuff Lionel is coming out with. Steve

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