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  1. I'm trying to make a stand-in MS100 because each and every one I've gotten from Digitrax has come with some sort of defect (or the time when they forgot to send the MS100 and only sent the LocoNet cable...). Could someone please tell me how to create my own? Thanks!
  2. BTW that's a six-wire LocoNet cord to a 25-pin computer interface...
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  4. The direct link failed, but the other one worked perfectly!

    And for those few of us here who are also having these problems and don't feel like joining the Yahoo group (no idea why you wouldn't), here's the image:

  5. And I can't get it to work!

    I should just go buy one...
  6. Ok, so it seems that I have wired myself a PR2 instead of an MS100...ah well. Now my only problem is that I can't get it to interface correctly with my DCS50.
  7. Anyone?

    More details:

    My computer program (the JMRI DecoderPro one) now recognizes the wire and the port as a PR2 on port COM3 (USB adapter thingy FTW? or perhaps FTL?). The problem is, it won't run anything. It can't control trains, it can't program trains, and the Zephyr's DCS50 won't respond to anything I send to it. However, when I pulled the power plug on the DCS50 last night, the little red light stayed on until I pulled the LocoNet stand-in cable out.
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    Have you tried getting the hardware from JMRI instead of DIgitrax? I believe they offer a USB version of what you need.

  9. Good idea. Thanks!
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