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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Bad_Scorpion, Dec 31, 2006.

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    Can somone help find pics or info on this jet. It's supposed to be some new prototype or testbed design for new technology. They call it the "RAZOR". Not sure if it is the code name or if what will be called. Don't really understand the whole code name production name thing with planes.

    Here is what I understand about it it is supposed to be something along the same lines of the f-35. No conventional type tail sufaces. But also is supposed to be much more advanced thrust vectoring system. Also supposed to be exctremely fast. I'm understanding to the tune of mach 5+. VTOL. and the maneuvering system something along the line of space shuttle thruster around the nos for manuevering. This may not all be correct but I have seen some much "talk" but nothing concrete. No pics of possible design or real specs otherwise.

    Anyone here anything about this or know of any supposed designs for it or somethign like it?
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    Well after 103 views of this I take it nobody has heard of this new supposedly top secret plane. Or anything similar to it floating around. If I do find anything on this ultra secret plane, that I'm also understanding has been in the works for about the last 7 years or so, I'll glady post them. I've also found items indicating that is possibly a sub orbital plane. So this thing basically encompasses just about everything except driving down the street or being a submersible. Who knows maybe next thing they'll post about possible stats will be it making the first flight to Mars. Engine technology is supposed to support some less conventional propulsion system. I've even heard that most of the design shape was taken from some of the the shuttle replacement designs. Again though as far as I know this is all speculation. And this is supported by the fact that none of the major companies seem to be hiding anything in particular as far a concept planes.

    I'm very curious about this thing since, it is being kept hush hush unlike so many others. It's also supposed to be a possible replacement to some of the current US fighters like the F 16, F 15, F 18 types. As well as some other variants. They are getting old and not a whole lot else has come about since them as far as actually being in service/production.
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    You're also leaving out that it may be a major villain in the upcoming Transformers movie :grin:

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    The murky world of Area 51 and all that.

    There is supposed to have been a hypersonic reconnaisance project known in the press as "Aurora" - this would fit with your performance specification. I think this was supposed to have been the SR-71 replacement rather than a fighter. There are resin models of what is supposedly Aurora around.

    I thought the F-15/F-16 replacement was the F-22 Raptor with the F-35 filling the strike role eventually.

    In 2001 the US Govt had an enthusiasm for a sub-orbital bommber (shades of the Sanger Silverbird?) but there doesn't seem to have been any follow up on that one.


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    Actually yes, that is correct. Nice to see someone else who knows this also. this is actually part of the hieghtened desire to find out more about it. One of my rc plane buddies told me about this super secret plane called the razor. This was sometime long before anything ever came out that Megatron is supposed to have this new jet be his earth form for the new live action movie. I have a small gathering of files and links to information for it. But anyway my rc buddy wants to build this thin he designs and build al kinds of wild aircraft. Even some that the design concepts wouldn't fly now do in rc form. I would like to take his rc design and convert it to card model. Then I could share and have a copy fo the new megatron in earth form.

    As for that x-44 that is actually pretty close to most of my findings on this ultra secret plane but who knows this shape may not be close. I've read on some of the new movie postings that the film crew was only permited to get a few angled shots of this plane. The fact that they were even permited that is something impressive. Since none of the rc sites none of the "area 51'ish sites aor anyone else for that matter has been able to provide anything I found to say this is what it looks like. But, again the x 44 design is probably the closest thing to what all the speculation indicates. As most fo the other people posting about it have drawings very similar to this.

    Sadly though everything so far indicates none of the currently know x planes is it. by the way on the topic of xplanes here you might enjoy this link,xplanes 1-50 covered. Just save the pdf, nice material.
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    As for the shape of future "Black Projects" one only needs to look at the F-117/F-19 fiasco.

    Every aviation expert in the country, including the renown Aviation Week and Space Technology figured the Stealth Fighter would look very much like the F-19...with rounded wingtips, gentle smooth curves and all.

    Instead, they got the flying facet machine.

    For me, its a wait and see attitude with future aircraft. But I do like the looks of the X-31.

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