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    I have been designing a model of the Hanriot monoplane racer as it was when it flew in the 1912 James Gordon Bennett Cup Race in Cicero, Ill. I have gotten to the engine and am a little confused.

    In an earlier thread regarding rotary engines, I asked about what the engine looked like, especially the one used on the above aircraft. I needed views of the engine to design parts for it. I have two references as to the type of engine used in the aircraft. Both say it was the 100 hp, 14-cylinder Gnome rotary. Gill was kind enough to provide me with an image of the engine and started working on the parts. One of the things I wanted to know was how large the gap between the cylinders of the inner and outer rings was. I didn't have a frontal view the engine, but I did of a similar engine and was basing my engine design was it. And then I came across the image below.


    Examining the engine in this enlarged view, I can clearly see a large gap between the cylinders and what looks like the firewall. It doesn't look to me like there is a second row of cylinders behind the first row. This leads me to believe the engine used in this aircraft was actually the 7-cylinder Gnome engine.


    Does anyone know for sure which engine this aircraft used, and if it was the 14-cylinder engine, maybe explain what I see in the closeup.


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    Looking at the picture that is certainly a single row engine. A quicky look-up of Gnome et Rhone history shows that the Lambda-Lambda may have been first built especially for the Hanriot.
    Mendenhall doesn't help as the drawing shows a 14 cyl in the front view and a 7 cyl in the side.

    The 1912 14 cyl was essentially two 7 cyls offset and bolted together. The angled pushrods for the aft row were run off of the same cam as the front with no space at all between the rows (Gunston's Development of Piston Aero Engines p112)
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    I'll be . . . .

    Started one of these wee beasties myself a little while back. Got frustrated and trashed it when I got to that @#%&$ cowl, but I'm planning to try again in the near future. Must be true what they say about great minds.
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    I seriously doubt if mine will come out looking anywhere near as good as your's will, and it may never come out looking at all, if I don't figure out this engine situation. I am thinking of just building a single row, seven cylinder engine and sticking it in there, since the closeup of the engine area doesn't show that second row behind the first.

    My sister at one time lived in Cicero, Ill., and from what I can tell, her house was on the grounds where the race was held. I had even talked with an old-timer in the area who had gone to the race. He mentioned a green aircraft he was able to "touch." It was the first aircraft he had seen up close and personal. The Hanriot from what I have read, was a dull green color and I figure that was the aircraft. I wish he was still with us so I could get an eye-witness view of what the engine looked like among other things about the aircraft.

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    Both photos I've seen of Frey's machine show the 7-cyl Gnome, so I'd go with it.

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