Looking for Gatchaman godphoenix

Discussion in 'Anime, Cartoons, Figurines & Paperdolls' started by Getter1, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. buddha1701d

    buddha1701d New Member

    l'm hoping you will send me a copy of the phoenix model also please!

    My email address is listed below.


  2. fury101

    fury101 New Member

    Im looking for a slightly more detailed version to build using depron.

    The general Idea is to build a 1.5m radio control flying version.

    I have never seen another one of these built to fly so im hoping it will be unique.

    Any help with models/ 3 view scale drawings or anything else that i can use for reference would be greatly appreciated.

    Hopefully i will post some pics of its development and its eventual maiden flight / devastating crash LOL

    Cheers guys.

    My email is fury101@hotmail.co.uk
  3. Grig

    Grig New Member

    I didn't find the directions to the link helpful, looks like the site might have been re-arranged. I did find it eventually though. The direct link is net-aki.hp.infoseek.co.jp/png/godfenix.png
  4. Grig

    Grig New Member

    Would love a better one if anybody's made one

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