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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by Johnr0836, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Johnr0836

    Johnr0836 New Member

    I wanted to buy Loy's Toys auto reverse module but they are no longer making them. I like the idea of not using a short to detect that the polarity needs to be reversed. Does anyone else make a similar unit? I've scoured the web but have come up empty. Thanks.
  2. woodone

    woodone Member

    Digitrax AR1 is one unit this should work. About $30.00:thumb:
    It's automatic too.
  3. Johnr0836

    Johnr0836 New Member

    I think the Digitrax unit uses a short to detect the need to change polarity. I'm looking for a unit that uses something else. The Circuitron AR-1 uses a IR detector. They also make a unit AR-1CC but I haven't been able to find out how that works. Does anyone know?

  4. dwight77

    dwight77 Member

  5. Johnr0836

    Johnr0836 New Member

    Does anyone know how Circuitron AR-1CC Reverse Loop Controller works. I haven't been able to find any technical information about it on-line. Thanks.

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