Looking for an Armored car?

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by OhioMike, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. jim mccoin

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    Thanks, when I get the RR frame up on the suspension I'll post a photo.

  2. PapaBear

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    Mike - I'm using Maya, though I'm considering investing in either FormZ (used it a long time ago) or Rhino (never used it before) simply because of the 'unfold' functions on offer.

    Anyhow, adding to the pot; I'm 'guessing' the rear suspension of the 1920 pattern based on a photo of the Silver Ghost chassis found here -
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    Well, it's a starting point.

    I'll be getting back to finishing the digital model soon and I'll post my 3D progress pics here if you like. Maybe others can help to suggest correct details as well.

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    Russian translator here, just copy and paste text into the box, select the translation from the sliding thing below and hit return - or translate a web page by putting in the URL: http://

    AltaVista - Babel Fish Translation

    Where I go to translate everything.............lol
  5. OhioMike

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    Presently prepareing the 3 views for 3D work with sketch-up. Seperating them into subassemblies, etc......Any news from you folks?
  6. jim mccoin

    jim mccoin Member

    Yes I know Im on the wrong Forum and the car is the wrong year, however I have found good information here and I wanted to say thanks. I will post these photos, some of you may be entertained, I'll pack my gear and dissapear.


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  7. looker

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    1914 pattern eh. Magnificent work and medium. Thanks for posting these pictures and hope to see you around sometime.

    NULLMOON Member

    holy ****:eek: you have done rr proud:inw:
  9. OhioMike

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    WOW....That looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. János1962

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    armored car

    here some old photos from armored car and other

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  12. Phionix

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    does anyone have these in 1:72 Scale?
  13. sepp10x

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    Those looking for another option will find that GPM has issued a paper model of the RR 1920 pattern in 1:25 scale. It is GPM 298 (11-2010). I have not seen it, but their recent releases have been quite detailed.
  14. charleswlkr54

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    I'm trying to remember where I saw a 1/48 1920 pattern Rolls A/C, I know Fiddlers Gree has a Lancheester A/C but that's a WWI vehicle.
  15. charleswlkr54

    charleswlkr54 New Member

    Just in case anyone is interested, there are a few early WWI armored cars at All From Paper, mainly Imperial Russian models.
  16. OhioMike

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    Ecardmodels is the only site i know of offering the RR armored car in paper model form....increase or reduce at will! The fiddlers green model is indeed the Lancester.
  17. Zathros

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  18. Sanginus

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    good found Zathros, lovely tanks,

    I can not get the template file download,
    only a sample is possible for me

    any idea ??
  19. Zathros

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    Scour this website. There are some fantastic models there, free!! I am going to asks Perry if I can distribute his models here. Thanks

  20. Zathros

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