Looking for an Albatross D-III, prefer 1/33

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by sakrison, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. sakrison

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    Does anybody know of a 1/33 (or 1/50) paper model of an Albatross D-3, for purchase or free download?


    Later same day: I found one with help from this forum. Thanks.
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    Deleted. See below.
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    Marek has a 1:50 Albatros (Oeffag) D.III on DeWayne's site (www.teuton.org/dbarnett) on the WW1 page. I just received a 1:33 version in 1920 Polish colors from the Paper Model Store. It is by WAK and looks very nice.
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    Boy, that was quick. Thanks!!
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    Looks like fun! Thanks, Peter.
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    Here is the link to ( in my opinion ) best on-line shop with paper models. There are several Albatros model, with the best one of WAK:
    small description of this model with photos of sheets :

    Another Albatros D III (oeff) good model is MALY MODELARZ model ( an old one issue - you can buy it only at auctions [like Ebay or Allegro] or modeller sharing ) :

    Sorry for my "pidgin english".
    Greetings from Poland. :)
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