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    I used to have a HO layout about 15 years ago. I'm looking to get back into model railroading. I have a 11 x 11 room that will double as a computer room. A computer desk, printer stand and doorway will fill the rest of the room, so only 7.5 feet on the South wall, 11 feet on the west wall, and 5.5 feet on the North wall are available.

    I have been using XTrkCAD to make a layout. I have attached two: one has a reverse section and the other has no reversing I used Kato unitrack for all the track to get an idea how it would work. Using the price sheet function of the software and inputing my own prices it looks to be around $500 of track. I may go Atlas flextrack and Peco switches instead. By the time you ballast and buy cork it might be around the same cost though.

    I will be starting from scratch with N gauge. It seems that Kato makes the best N scale Diesels. What are good quality rolling stock to buy? I might go DCC from the start and like the idea of buying the DCC installed Atlas locos, but if they are inferior to Kato I would just upgrade the Kato.

    Please let me have your ideas on building a N scale layout to fill my space. I'm ready for brutal honesty. I would like to add a switch yard and some industries to run to. I haven't bought anything yet so we can scrap everything if need be. I'm starting to get the hang of XTrkCAD. [​IMG]



    Attached are the XTrkCAD files.



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    Hi Jerry. Welcome to the Gauge. :wave: :wave:
    They both look good, it just depends on how you plan to handle the reversing loop. If you are planning using DCC a reversing control would take care of that.
    One potential problem I see is access to the two back corners. Two feet is about the max reach and it looks like you are looking at 3'+ at least, or are you planning access areas? If not you might want to rethink that part of your layout plans. Looks like a good start though. :thumb:

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