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    SEBRET Member

    i need to find the GPM 1/200 scale Bismarck model, does anyone know if there are anyleft? and if so, possibly with english instructions?
  2. Tim Crowe

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    Try eBay - old models occasionally turn up for sale.

    There is also a German website that sells old paper models. Don't have the link on my works computer

    Will look it up when I get home

    SEBRET Member

    Thank you. i have searched eBay for most of the GPM 1/200 series.
    I was able to find the Saratoga and Lexington along with the Admiril Hipper, all those kits come with polish and english instructions. I found one sight, not sure if its the one you mentioned, but i cant speak the language so i cant navigate to buy the Bismarck.

    I have been a paper modeler for years, but i really need a challenge so iw ant to step it up to actual "card" modeling, and these high detail ships seem like the place to start.
  4. Tim Crowe

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    He has a 1:200 scale Bismarck for sale

    By other reports through this forum he offers excellent service and is a fellow card modeler

    SEBRET Member

    Thank You very much.
    I'm disappointed i can't find the GPM version though. just a few years too late
    you wouldn't happen to know if the detail and quality are as good with the "military model" brand do you?

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