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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by sepp10x, Nov 16, 2010.

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    I mentioned elsewhere that I lost most of my collection of paper models through a Hard drive crash and the theft of my archived material. I have been trying to re-collect the missing items over the past number of months, but some of them appears to be very difficult to find.

    One of these is a model of the Sanger Silverbird. It is a concept plane that came off the drawing board in Germany during WW2 - One of the X_planes if you will. I found it at http://www.modellbau-holzinger.de/Modellbau/en/frames.html
    The site is still there, but appears to be dormant with most of the download links now dead. I tried to sent an e-mail message, but only received a strange reply from some or other Postmaster saying that it took 26 hops (only 25 allowed) ?????

    Is there anyone of the members that can perhaps shed some light on this.

    I do know about the model by Heinkel111 (Heinkelmodels), but I do not think it is the same (different designer and less detailed) But then I have been wrong before. There is also a free model at tinpaper if anyone is interested in it.

    Any help at all?
  2. I believe the first one here is the same plane you are looking for:


    I just downloaded the camouflaged, the grey, and the black/white versions and the PDFs seem to work fine.

    The instructions and the display stand are also working fine.
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    Thank you very, very much.

    You are absolutely correct. This is indeed my missing model, but how very strange. I went back to the site whose link I posted above and its is still active. It appears be be the english translations of some of the content of the German site, but with no reference (link back) to the latter.
    Nevertheless thanks again.

    Perhaps someone can also post this in Internet finds - or move this thread there?
  4. I'm glad I could help :thumb:

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