Looking for a Chinese Junk Ship model

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by stagecoach, Sep 13, 2007.

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    Which link? I can't find the one you were refering to. I'm kind of interested in this one myself.

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    First, to the topic of this thread, a good source for general information on Chinese junks and some scale drawings of river junks and sea junks, and details of masts, sails, compartments, etc. is Joseph Needham's "Science and Civilization in China," Volume 4, Part 3, Section 29 "Nautical Technology." A lot of history on the great Chinese voyages of discovery, too. I found a copy to borrow in a university library.

    Second, the two masted sea junk paper model pictured earlier in this thread from Howpaper is not a commercial kit, but a scratch build by a modeler who goes by the name "Spiral" written in Hangul (Korean writing) in the lower right of the picture. Á¾À̸ðÇü ÇÏ¿ìÆäÀÌÆÛ ... Áñ°Å¿î ¼¼»ó¿¡ ¿À½Å ¿©·¯ºÐÀ» ȯ¿µÇÕ´Ï´Ù. is a commercial site, but there's an associated modeler's forum at Á¾À̸ðÇü HOWPAPER ³×À̹ö°ø½ÄÄ«Æä :: ³×À̹ö Ä«Æä, and Spiral posted a build guide and jpeg files of parts for this model and others. I don't read enough Korean to tell you what ship that is.
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    Thanks for the link Cuthbert. :thumb:
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    I glued some China Junk in far 1983 printed in soviet "Young Technick" magazin (#12 1983)
    Sample page - title page

    Maybe this info is not so unusable
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    Hi, Have a look at these photos of this fine Chinese junk model.
    I think, it was made from an an Artesania Latina ship model kit.
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    Thanks Sailor Michael that is exactly what i have been looking for.
    I did find one they use today. and got many pictures of it. I also found frame drawings for the same boat and started making it.
    The model will be made cheaply with planks of basswood and a lot of glue, but it will look great when done. also because of those pictures you found the rigging will look close to authentic also. Thanks Again, John
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    Stagecoach, This is sorta O.T. but I'm curious about your avatar. I have experience in building a model of the Concord Stage and was wondering if we have a common interest?
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    That Artesania Latina kit does look nice, but it's unclear how accurate it is. Below the waterline, it looks like a European ship; traditional Chinese ships were more nearly flat-bottomed and flat-sided. The junk rig sails and the deck furnishings look pretty good. It might represent a "hybrid."
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    History channel (history.com) just ran a show, "Chinese super ships." It shows a lot of medieval chinese hull architecture, details of the junk sail rig, etc. It repeats in a few hours, and maybe again at a later date.
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    Many years later and I am also looking for plans for a ship model of a Chinese sailing Junk. I ordered a set of pland form Best ship Model plans and after many months of complaining received horrible plans that were of no use. I question if there is a set of decent model shipwright plans available, but will keep searching

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