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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Kjev, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Kjev

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    A while back someone shared a model of the Battletech "Warhammer" mech with me. It was done by someone who did the entire thing with old-style drafting, then colored it. It was a beautiful model.

    When GUS, my faithful PC, went to that big Computer Home in the Sky, I lost the model (along with many others).

    Does anyone know who designed the Warhammer or have a copy of it?

    It's also known as a Macross Destroid something-or-other. Has two large gun barrels for lower arms, and a six pack of missiles (or maybe beer cans on the weekend :p) on one shoulder.
  2. martian

    martian New Member

    I know what you mean. The model you are talking about was published in ABC magazine 11/40 (from the Czech Republic). Originally it was designed by Richard Vyskovsky. I am happy because I have the original issue somewhere at home.
    I am not sure about sharing, it seems to be copyright infringement.

    Maybe this will help?
  3. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Not sure, Martian. The one I had the author sent me free of charge. And my Czeck is a little rusty to make much sense of the page. Is there an English version of that site anywhere?
  4. allhallowseve

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  5. martian

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    Of course I know about that MW3 papercraft forum web page, but it is still piracy anyway. The original paper model was designed by R. Vyskovsky and sold for publication to ABC magazine (like hundreds of his models before). I think it is clear, that only mentioned ABC magazine has right to publish that model.

    If you scan some - let;s say polish models from GPM or Modelik - models and than you put those scans on Rapidshare - it is piracy. And the same case is if you scan paper models from ABC magazine. You are violating rights of designer and/or publisher.

    Am I right?:confused:
  6. martian

    martian New Member

    Ehm, dear K'Jev, perhaps I wrote my answer too rigidly, but the man who sent you the model was quite close to pirate (in my honest opinion, so do not throw stones on me). I know it is not easy, but the honest way to get this model is to buy it in the printed form. I am sorry that I have not answered second part of your question.

    The page I linked is a web page of internet store in the Czech Republic. It is an offer of that warhammer WHM-6R. It announces, that the model is complete (or at least it should be). Price is 40 CZK, which is 2 US dollars. If you click KOUPIT/buy, you are transfered to NÁKUPNÍ KOŠÍK/chart. After that you click POKRAČOVAT V OBJEDNÁVCE/next and than POKRAČOVAT/next. Than you insert your name, adress and so on. And now the problem - the store sends only in the Czech or Slovak Republic. Do you have a friend in the heart of Europe?

    Sorry. :|

    If you click KONTAKT/Contacts, you will see e-mail adress of store owner. You could send him a question about it. Maybe you will have luck.

    Please pardon my English.
  7. Stev0

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    We need hardcore Polish & Czech speakers to hook up us English speakers with some sales. :D
  8. Kjev

    Kjev Member


    No need to apologize. As I said, I can't remember who I got the model from, and I was under the understanding that he designed it. HOWEVER, I also know that designing something then selling the rights to it means . . . you have no ownership of it anymore.

    I really appreciate the link, and the translation. NOW I have access to a completely legal copy.

    Thank you!

    By the way, if anyone has another version out there, I'd like to see it. The Warhammer was always one of my favorites.
  9. widget

    widget Member

    UHmmmm... The Warhammer is the one with ti single cannons on the ends of the elbows.
    The one you're describing is the Rifleman, twin AA cannon attached directly to the shoulders? and the 6 pack missile launcher and radar 'tenna on the top?
  10. Kjev

    Kjev Member

    Nope. I'm hunting the one with the single cannons (PPCs in the game) below the elbows. On the shoulders there's a six pack of missiles on one side and a searchlight on the other.

    Although both 'mechs have the same legs (at least on the old Ral Partha minis)

    I wouldn't pass up a Rifleman either, though.:mrgreen:
  11. martian

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  12. widget

    widget Member

    OK,I misread your desciption,sorry 'bout that.
  13. Kjev

    Kjev Member

  14. martian

    martian New Member

    Finished? Yes! Tested? No!
    Do you know about any suitable test subject?:twisted:
  15. Kjev

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    How to say this without getting tagged as a terrorist and felt up by the TSA . . .

    Let's just say it's an election year, and the powers that are and the powers that want to be all want more money to spend somewhere else. . . .

  16. martian

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    "Politically, fashionably and aerodynamically incorrect" - this saying seems to describe my quantum detonator very correctly. :rolleyes:

    if I think deeper, it could describe me too. :yep:

    And remember: Everytime you get angry about politics, a kitten dies.

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