looking for 2 vehicles: a RG31 APC, and a buffalo

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by jleslie48, Jul 12, 2007.

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    Wow! Those would be awesome! Especially the Buffalo & Casspir! I wish I were a designer!!!!!

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    Funny that this thread on the APC's should appear. Just today I was reading about the MRAP Vehicles that the USMC and Army want and found a link to BAE where you could download their brochures on their line of APC's. The files dont have line drawings but they have some good photo views of the vehicles which could be used by a creative person to design some at least semi-scale looking paper models. The links for the BAE product brochures were attasched to a WikiPedia Article about the MRAP's. Hope this helps.
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    Without a doubt great subjects to model. Not enough modern armor and support vehicles are available. Canada has both vehicles mentioned at the top. I'd like to see someone take a stab at it.

    On a side note. The Buffalo just may happen since one to the Transformer characters in the movie was a Buffalo engineering vehicle. Someone here is working on them all so no doubt you will be seeing the Buffalo available.
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    ok my wish list now includes:

    the buffalo,
    the cheetah,
    the cougar 4x4,
    the cougar 6x6,
    the RG-31

    and all are available here:
    MetaVR 3D Content - Military Land Vehicle Models

    but I can't make heads or tails of the 3d package anybody
    know what these are???
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    It is a virtual reality rendering software for game developers. These are samples of what you get in the $10,000.00 software package.
    Need I say more?

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