Looking for 2 paper models !!

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    Does anybody have or know if the there were any paper model made of a "Pantera" and The San Francisco house's in my travel i have't found any just wondering ???

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    San Francisco Houses

    Pascaline at one time made a set of three San Francisco Victorian houses; these are out of print. Linea Forma also produces a set of different San Francisco houses. These can be found at http://www.lineaforma.com/models.html.
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    Pantera Card Model

    Ahhh, Italian styling with a 351 Cleveland...

    I seem to remember a paper model Pantera, but you'd be extremely hard pressed to find one. When Ford decided to drop the Pantera in the US due to flagging sales and tightening emissions & safety standards (1973, IIRC), Motor Trend magazine took this as a call to arms. They published a form letter to the Marketing Director of Ford, where the reader would sign their name to it, and mail it to Ford (of course, a deposit check would have made a stonger impression). I also seem to remember a simple cutout model of the Pantera in that or another MT issue from that time frame. You might want to do a Google search to see if there's a Motor Trend collector out there and they could confirm this. Somebody out there has one...

    Now that my memory is refreshed a bit, perhaps that cutout model was a prototype mid-engine Corvette that bore a strong resemblance to the Pantera.

    For a scratch builder, this would be probably be a relatively simple project-- a lot of sharp angles and no compound curves. Good luck in your search!
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    I remember that model! It was a mid-engine Corvette prototype and would have been in a 1973-74 or so issue of Motor Trend. A few years ago I went back through my collection of car magazines and couldn't find it. Maybe I'll have to look again more carefully...

    Anyway, it would have looked either like this:


    or this:


    The first one had a 4-rotor Wankel. The second sported an all-aluminum body instead of the usual Corvette fiberglass.

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    Well I did some research, and found that the Corvette paper model was a 4-rotor prototype (the first one in my post above) and it was in the January 1974 issue of Motor Trend.


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