Looking 4 an AH-11 Cobra

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by 762mm, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. 762mm

    762mm New Member

    I'm looking for an AH-11 Cobra Helicopter or any other heavily armed Helicopter.
    I require realism no matter what skill level. Please advise.
  2. hpept

    hpept Member

    sorry folks, had no idea i was pointing at a pirate site.
    look here
  3. Huey

    Huey Member


    Be adviced that the url you are referring to is a PIRATE SITE. Please edit your post.
  4. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    it is the AH-1 Cobra,

    Maly Modelarz has two issues, one on the Cobra, in JSDF markings, and one of the best versions of the AH-64 Apache

    Hobby Model has the CSH-2 Rooivalk, South Africa's attack helicopter

    If you can find them on ebay, Halinski has two great helicopter, the Mi-24 Hind, and the Ka-50 Hokum

    the Israeli Air Force has released an Ah-64 Apache, check on ebay or ask one of our israeli members.

    GPM has a Mi-28 Havoc, and a simplistic AH-64, and if you can find it, a Sea Cobra

    Fly Model has an Apache, Havoc, Huey Gunship, and a Hind.

    Check with the various vendors listed on the front page and check on ebay

    Hope this helps

  5. Rick Thomson

    Rick Thomson Member

    Huey Cobra

    Fiddlers Green has a Cobra. Haven't tried it as I am not a great fan of Choppers.

    Helicopters do not fly, the earth rejects them in disgust...<G>
  6. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Hey Huey! :grin:

    Long time no hear!

    Choppers.........Malay is first to come to mind. Since you said armed. Dr Zorkov has the H-34 on Moshe's site in Marine colors...but not armed. Suppose you could scratch build some 60's and hang on it like the Marines did.


    Nice copter!

  7. 762mm

    762mm New Member

    AH-1 Cobra, thanks Rick (rickstef) that's alot of fantastic info, you seem very knowledgeable!
    RE: pirated site, I'm new at this, how do I know if the site has pirated material? and does Maly Modelarz offer free downloads? If they do not, that partially answers my question.
  8. Texman

    Texman Guest


    If the site contains scans of maly kits, gpm, etc, it's more than likely pirates. If
    your ever in question about whether a site is legit, just email the link to one of
    the admin/moderators, and they should be able to tell you.

  9. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

  10. 762mm

    762mm New Member

    Outstanding! Thank you Gentlemen!
    Thanks for the links Michael.
  11. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    I love helicopters, and I have virtually every helicopter model published

    some of the more expensive ones i will leave, to drool over

    let me know if you need any more info

  12. 762mm

    762mm New Member

    Will do Rick thank you. I love all Helicopters too.
    I just wanted to mention,in reply to a former post of heli's crashing, these AWESOME Aircraft (Cobra,Apache)are MORE responsible for MAKING things crash. Everything crashes,hell, I crashed my combat boots on this mornings hike.
  13. Tirta

    Tirta Member

    Hi Rick,

    How about Halinsky Hokum Ka-50 ?
    How hard is this one?
    Is it true that Halinsky is harder than Maly modelarz?


  14. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    Yes all Halinski models are hard, the MM kits are getting better now, getting to be a bit more complex, but still less complex than Halinski kits.

    and the Ka-50 is out of print, you might be able to find it on ebay or other auction sites

  15. Willja67

    Willja67 Member

    I was able to talk to an apache crew at the Wendover airshow. They had just got back from a deployment in Afghanistan and they said that even though blackhawks and other transport choppers have door gunners the taliban folks have no qualms about exposing themselves in order to shoot at them, but if an apache is riding shotgun the taliban folks don't dare try anything. The apache crew said that most bad guys are scared to death of apaches, and the rest have a very healthy respect for it.
  16. mwangarch

    mwangarch New Member

    There's a fellow in Korea who's posted some beautiful helicopter & aircraft models...the Apache is the Maly.

    It looks like he's a professional model builder...take a look at the Halinski P-51...he's done an interesting take on the curved ends for the spinners and fuel tank, filling and painting them to make the seams disappear. Breathtaking!
  17. Firstscout

    Firstscout New Member

  18. joe

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  19. Tad

    Tad Member

    in Maly Modelarz there are a nice helicopters (Ah 64 - very detailed and good kit, Mi 28, Mi 2 - rather poor, Westland Whirlwind), in A. Halinski you can find the best Mi 24 and very good Ka 50, not so far ago Leif showed a link to a beatifull Ka 50 from Fyy Model, a few heli. were published in GPM (Stallion, Mi 14, Mi 17, Mi 28, Puma, Sokol, Sea King, UH 1 - also new kit in Gomix, Black Hawk, Scout, Kiowa, Bell 206, Sea Cobra, Anakonda). Those from MM can be easy and quite cheap bought on polish auction allegro (for example AH 64 in cost 1-2 $ and shipment). Here you have some photos of my old AH 1S Cobra from MM as an example:





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