Looging Pond

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  1. camelot

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    Logging Pond

    I will be contructing a N scale logging pond soon for the local NRMA club here in Perth Western Australia.I have seen quite a few ponds on the internet , would anyone like to give me some hints or tips.

    Its seems that the the prefered medium for the water is Envirotex , i have seen that some have poured multiple coats with some tinting between the layers to give a murky colour.Also some have waves and froth around the logs.Would like to know how to do that.

    Any help would be appreciated .
    Of course pictures would also be cool :cool:

  2. shamus

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    Hi Ian,
    I always use High Gloss Yacht Varnish for all my lakes & Ponds, brushes on quite well and after a few coats looks deep. My base colours are mainly Black with a feathered edge of light brown/green. then as it starts to dry I dry brush other dark colours into to it.



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  3. jon-monon

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    How do you keep those log monkeys working day and night? Getting work outa my little plastic people is like pullin' little plastic teeth! It seems easier to just make the pullies myself!
  4. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    It's all in the motivation.
    "We're pleased with this level of productivity, and as long as you continue at this level, we'll keep the MEK out of your water supply"
    " Keep up the good work... your next job could be as Barbie!"
  5. Ian, if you use Enviro-Tex, you can tint it with Floquil paint. (I'm not sure if Polly works also; I've never tried it.) Just mix a few drops right in.

    But be forewarned: a little (few drops!!) goes a long way. Too much paint and you wil have a very murky-looking mess.

    You can also use gloss medium to create the appearance of ripples and waves. It's fairly easy to work with.

    The photo below is of a scene I created many years ago. The water is Enviro-Tex (untinted) poured over a flat-black base. The waves/ripples were created with gloss medium over the Enviro-Tex after it had thoroughly dried.

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  6. Rusty Stumps

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    Shamus, I'm interested in where you got those little workers. I've been digging around through a lot of websites trying to come up with good sources and those are excelent.

    How about sharing your "loggers" source with us?

  7. shamus

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    Hi Walt, Got to admit that these people are just Model Power plastic folk with poles added to the hands. I tend to mold the little people (Heat them up in hot water first) then I can put them in various shapes. By the way, they ALL LIKE THE WATER. :D

    Talking of water, here's another look at the pond.


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  8. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    As always Shamus you show us hopeful loggers the way to go by your unique modelling abilities and how to's
  9. Lighthorseman

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    The LOOGING Pond??

    Man, oh, man. I sure as shootin' would NOT want to fall into the LOOGING POND.

    Way worse than having an eoad eat your head.:D
  10. Bill Stone

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    I spent four years in Oregon as a kid (during the late '40s) and hung around watching the action at a few mills, including the old steam-powered Gravelle Mill, west of Junction City. The pond water always looked totally opaque black. But I imagine that might change in various geographic areas --- because of different variety of tree leeching different stains into the water.

    But because it was always so opaque, I shouldn't think one needs to pour Envirotex or whatever. If I were doing it, I'd just use hardboard for the base, paint it a black black, and top it off with varnish.

    Except when the logs get dumped in, things move pretty slowly in a log pond, and there aren't usually any ripples.

  11. Drew Toner

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    Wow, and the reflection on the water to boot!! Very nice night shot Shamus. A couple more of them would be nice and inspirational:D :D

  12. Bill Nelson

    Bill Nelson Well-Known Member

    acrillic water

    acrylic artists paint, and lots and lots of coats of acrylic gloss medium works like a charm, acrylic modeling compound does well to shape waves , waterfalls ext,

    in my example the water is plaster, painted to color, and lots and lots of acryilic gloss medium (varnish). it looks real good. the varnish dull out over time, so a coat of varnish once a year or so keeps it fresh.

    I avoid the epoxy method, as it has to be done in a one shot deal, and if something isn't just right, you have to live with it or tear it out and start over. with this method I can work over and over in the same area until I'm satisfied. here is a shot of some water way up Perry's Gizzard on thebig south fork of Crooked Creek.

    more layout photos @ Eastern Tn logging on the DG CC & W RR 1928

    Bill Nelson

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  13. willy4

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    Here is a picture of my pond. I made it with Magic Water

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  14. ytter_man

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    Again, very nice. The little tug reminds me of the truck dump my dad and i hauled to as a kid. You'd never think that little thing could move a whole load of logs heh.
  15. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member


    That is very nice!! Is Magic Water similar to Envirotex???

    Thanks, Dr Tom:thumb:
  16. willy4

    willy4 Member

    Magic Water

    Yes it is like Envirotex. I have used both, and I prefer magic water it is thiner product and pours nice.
    Check out there web site for lots of info. www.unrealdetails.com
    Especially developed for model railroaders.

  17. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the info. I am going to look in to using this.
    Doc Tom:wave:
  18. willy4

    willy4 Member

    Here is an article I wrote for our club paper. You may find some extra info.

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  19. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Thank you. That is very helpful. Looks like a good resource for future use.
    Doc tom:thumb:

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