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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by wickman, Aug 29, 2006.

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    Hi Everyone
    The family is perhaps heady down to the Southern Ontario ( Toronto) , Niagara and all points in between this up coming long weekend. My wife suggested my son and I get our selves lined up for any kinda train show going on over the long weekend as her and my daughter want to go shopping.
    Can anyone tell me of any events going on over the long weekend? Also I was told from a railroder hobbiest at one time that there's sometimes Layout tours that go on over the weekend somewhere down in Sothern Ontario I'd sure like some info on that if its available.
  2. MasonJar

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    The "Double Header Tour" info can be gotten from Chris (Interurban).

    You might want to call www.aberfoylejunction.com (Guelph) to see if they have their O scale layout open. Very worthwhile from what I hear.

    There are a number of good shops, including Credit Valley Railway in Mississauga/Streetsville.

    Hope that gets you started...!

  3. wickman

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    Thanks Andrew I think thats what it was called was aberfoyle that gives me a good start and I'll PM Chris.:wave:
  4. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Chris' "doubleheader" is a huge event (I cannot recall who organizes it) but there are layouts all over southern Ontario. I don't know if it is over for this year - I think Chris usually puts up some photos. PM him to find out for sure, I guess.

    Aberfoyle is only open at certain times, so check ahead. I can't believe that I went to U of Guelph for 5 years and did not know this place existed just down the road. 'Course at that time, I was not really interested in trains.

  5. 60103

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    Aberfoyle is having its open house in October.
    The Doubleheaders have their layout tour in April.
    We don't usually have shows on long weekend, for some reason, possibly to do with shortage of volunteers.

    Other places:
    Halton county radial railway (streetcar museum) all weekends and probably weekdays. Just outside Rockwood.
    Niagara Central models in St Catharines. Worth a detour.
    Modellers Choice - Hamilton up the mountain. TH&B custom paints and other Canadian prototypes.
    There's a new RR museum in Niagara Falls - new and small -- south end of Dorchester, I think.
    Get off the QEW at the Welland Canal and have a picnic by the canal museum, south of the QEW.
    South Simcoe Railway in Tottenham (NW of Toronto).
    In Niagara Falls, there are parking lots south (upstream) of the falls on the parkway. You can then walk to the falls (maybe) or get a ticket for the "people mover" (bus). You can take the Spanish Aerocar over the whirlpool or walk down beside the river where the streetcar used to go.
    CNE will still be on in Toronto until Labour Day.

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