long time r/c'er looking into drifting

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by newtodrift_tc3, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. newtodrift_tc3

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    hey there everyone, obviously im new to drifting i have done some research and decided to convert my associated TC3. i origionally bought this ride as a pacage deal along with a b3 buggy, a great deal, but never got into touring. i looked into touring and the price of admission is outrageous i never even bought tires for the tc3 lol. i ran the car twice with some ragged threads and liked it but it would have not been competitive with the high dollar set ups at the local tc track, sooooo.... it now has a set of abs tires and is ready to be thrown around. actually i just put the abs on the rims today ;) and am very anxious to try this beast out, alas it is raining and there are no covered areas to play in by my house :( . with the rain and all i got online and found this community and joined, being that i have never drifted (on purpous ;) ) an r/c, but i am a long time enthusiast of r/c cars and racing them. to give you an idea as to how long is a long time, who remembers the tamiya frog one of the first hobby grade r/c cars lol. any suggestions? i will put some pics up as soon as i figure out the file size situation, so maybe someone could help me with that too lol
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    welcome to drift world!! be sure to ask away if you need help
  3. newtodrift_tc3

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    yeah ive been asking some questions, im good with trial and error. i'll be getting a TL-01 soon so im sure i will have more questions lol.

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