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    Hi. Again,
    I haven't been here in a long while, so I will re-introduce myself. My name is Robert Vallejos. I reside on St. Joseph Missouri USA. My occupation is a professional truck driver. My job takes me to all continuous 48 states. I have been doing this since 1989. This job makes it difficult to do any kind of modeling. I never sit long enough to really do any thing with it. I do carry some small paper models with me and build when I know I'll be in a motel for a weekend when there is no fr8 or the truck breaks down.
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    :welcome1: back! It's hard to get any modeling done when your siting still, let alone driving all over the place. Still, you can always just browse and comment, lots of people do that and input and socializing it at least as important as the modeling. In my book, anyways.

    On the links below you will find the PeterBuilt from the movie classic "DUEL", with Dennis Weaver, and the Plymouth Valiant he so justly tried to run down!:twisted: It will take you to a File Hosting company, but you can download free, just click slow download. Every Vehicle on that page is incredible. Ronaldom is an excellent designer. The Valiant is there too, and in scale with the truck. have fun!:thumb:


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