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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by scoobyloven, Aug 22, 2006.

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    well guys i went into my train room for the frist time last night scence my son passing to do a little work on the layout . and i couldn't get a thing done. i just sat their looking at it thingking of him what got to me was when i looked in to the yard and seen the locos that had come from paint with the make a wish logo on them and looking acrossed form the yard is the town named after him i was their for hours just sitting their looking at the photos of us working on this layout him in his chair smiling as the trains roll bye. my wife came down to see what i was doing and she asked me what was worng and i told her. it was hard to be in their but i did get some track cleaned off everything had about 2 months of dust on it i called it a day after that . and went to my dads for some fishing and beer. well guys it was hard for me to start work agin but i will get back on track off to the hobby shop for some more track and a new loco.
  2. N Gauger

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    yeah - It'll be difficult for the first few times... then you will start using the train set as something to enjoy, as you both did together....

    Think of him once in a while, while you work on building it or running trains... It helps heal the pain to an extent... I'm sure he would have wanted you to run the trains for him.... now, you're running them in his memory.. a fiting tribute to a good boy!!!!!
  3. ezdays

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    That's a might-fine way to put it Mikey:thumb: :thumb:. Healing takes time and one way to help that is to immerse yourself back into doing something you love and know.

    Good luck, as always, we're here when you need us.
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    Scoob - It hurts very badly to lose a loved one, I recently lost my nephew and sister, my soulmates. It was a very difficulty time for me.. I will never ever get over it. Now adays when i have to do something that we all enjoyed, I sit there like you, and actually talk to my sisterand nephew. Sure they are not there in body, but they are with me 24/7 in spirit. Believe it or not , I feel them there with me and they answer me in wonderful ways.Ie. When i was down, i looked into an old box in the basement and found a picture of us on the swings. When i loose something in the house or something isnt working, I talk to them and viola, my spirits are lifted and the item is found or fixed.. Its like having them there. I cannot have them both in the physical sense, but emotionally and spiritually, its wonderful to have the great memories there with me in my projects.. Time is the key here Scoob, trust me. If you talk to your son, you will get a sign, trust me. It will be a great feeling the first time you get it, and that feeling will be with you forever.
    God bless your family .
  5. viperman

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    That is so sad. I couldn't bear to think about losing my son. Good to hear you will be gettibg back to work though
  6. interurban

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    One step at a time friend.
    It will take a while, Be strong for each other.
  7. Bird

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    Hi Scoob,

    I lost my Dad a couple of years ago, and while that is nothing like losing a son (I have two sons and a daughter), It doesn't ever go away, but it will get better with time. I know it's hard because everything will seem to remind you of him for a while, but the quicker you can get back to doing things the better. :thumb:

    God Bless You,


    P.S. The offer is still good for some of my blue grass gospel CD's. Just PM me your address if you want them. It might help. I've had many people come back after listening to them and tell me they were a blessing. Just a thought.
  8. Russ Bellinis

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    Hang in there Scoob. the thoughts and prayers of your Gauge family will continue.

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