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    I'm a gamer/modeller/dreamer who works IT to support my habits. Typically I will find a paper model and use that as a template to make the model out of foamcore, pink insullation foam, plastic card and use the paper part as a "decal" to avoid most painting. My latest projects are a "martian" tripod, "Atlantis" from SG1, and a concept BOLO tank using Armorbimbo's wonderful tank treads from his Baneblade model. (Thanks for that BTW). Did I mention I was slightly ADD with my attention span. Past projects include an Eldar Vampire bomber/lander, a scaled-down Star Destroyer approx. 5 inches long, a Borg cube, and the USS Saratoga from SAB.
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    :welcome1: to the forum gogree. It is always nice to have a computer person on board, at long as it's not a Mac..........Only kidding! This will cure your ADD, and you will become OCD like the rest of us!! Please post pictures of your models, they don't have to be recent, let's see what you got. The old show me yours! All kidding aside, Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome fellow Texan! :wave:

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