Long paper tubing?

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  1. lancer525

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    I'm thinking about paper tubing, and knowing that I can't go to any manufacturers with the request for 6 feet of tubing wall1 I'm wondering how I would go about making tubing. I thought of attempting to acquire a whole bunch of the core rolls from wrapping paper, and cutting them down to the right diameters, but that just seems like far too much work. :eek:

    Anyone have any tutorials or guides on how paper tubing can me made to specific diameter dimensions? I'm looking at needing 3/4" and 1/2" tubing.

  2. Tim Crowe

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    Have you though about using another medium - such a fibre glass or plastic?

    I would have though a length of six foot in paper is going to collapse under its own weight.

    Maybe you could use old fishing rods they must be close to 3/4" or 1/2"

    A hint on what you want the tubes for might help with other members suggesting solutions

    Good luck

  3. SCEtoAux

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    Maybe I am not understanding your request correctly but you can get dowels of what ever material you feel comfortable with (wood, plastic, metal, glass) and at whatever diameter you want and then you wrap the paper around it to get a tube of a specific inside diameter. A 1/2" dowel would give you a 1/2" id tube; a 3/4" dowel would give you a 3/4" id tube. That is how I have made numerous paper tubes for numerous applications.

    Use a connecting strip to close the tube sides instead of an attached tab.
  4. lancer525

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    Through something completely unrelated to the modeling board, I've found that model rocket body tubes in BT-5 and BT-20 are close enough for my purposes.

    So, there's no need to try to make the dang things now!

    Thanks anyway, guys! :thumb:
  5. SCEtoAux

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    That is even better. I had made a long post about how the thickness of the paper would add an insignificant amount to the OD of the dowel used to form the tube, but those model rocket tubes seem to fit the bill. :)
  6. lancer525

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    Thanks for the effort... I do appreciate it.

    BTW, nice to see that someone knows about Aaron & Bean's mission-saving response to the lightning strikes!
  7. widget

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    back in the Stone age ('76),we made paper tube for model rockets in shop class.
    Locate the appropriate size and length dowel and dust it with talc LIBERALLY.
    Wrap it in sheetrock tape -only one edge moistened- in a clockwise direction.
    Then wrap that in paper box tape in a counter-clockwise direction. ater about 15 min slide it off the dowel.
  8. widget

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    PS. Rocketry guys make their own tubes all the time for competition events. Check some model rocketry sites for more detailed instructions.
  9. Check this thread. It contains detailed instructions on how to roll tubes of any size and length. Just but the longest paper you can and glue it end to end . Find a dowel or pipe that is long enought and a diameter about 1/2 the size of the final size needed ( it springs back after rolled).

    "Rolling Your Own...Rocket Tubes"

    By the way anyonon know how to attach a direct link to a thread?
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    You cant do it in quick reply without know the actual tags but if click reply then you can just click the globe with the little link icon on it (looks like a figure 8 sideays)

    You can also just type the address in directly and the site (zealot) will try to resolve the friendly name to make it more obvious :) if the site designer did not make alt text for the address then it will just show the link ;)

    Hope that helps!
  11. lancer525

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    Great and fantastic responses!

    I'm now thinking I might actually make the things myself, rather than taking the easy way out of buying some rocket tubes... LOL

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