London bombings

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    Whether this is believed or not a Muslim like deeply sympathise in suffering of mankind! Muslim like me deplore these barborous acts. And if these are done in the name of the religion then these people are not what they claimed to be and protecting the religion they are so fanatically avowed to. Islam does not, like Christianity and Judaism, preach violence but encourage tolerance of other's persuasion and culture. The people ( you know who I'm referring to) who orchestrates and conjures this heinous acts their hearts are full of anger of themselves and are enemy not only to particular religious persuasions (as perceived) but a GREAT ENEMY to the Religion they claimed they ared championing.

    Now, to bombed Makkah (sic, Mecca) because of acts of mis-guided and sick-minded, distorted group who claimed to be Muslims is likened to bombing Basilica of St. Peter in Rome just because some Irishmen who claimed to be Catholics exploded bomb in London or any Protestant area in Ireland.

    Any person not in conformance with his religion he is not within the fold of that religion and should not claimed to be of that rfeligion. As an example on the conduct of war, the Quran states that a Muslim is not to harm Children, Women and Old People. He is not to destroy crops, house of worships and temples, not humiliate rreligious personages...I don't see these being adhered to by these so called 'FIGHTERS" of Islam.

    I'm very sad that these barbaric acts led to the reaction quoted above. I joined this group with understanding that whatever goes on in the world the group will be free from the POLITICS of the world and Religion as all modelers (card, plastics, etc) are of varied persuasion.

    Majority of the Islamic world and muslims are in sympathy and condolence with the suffering of Londoners and the world from this NON-ISLAMIC, ARAB BIGOTS!!!


    Ministry of Defence-Engineering Services
    Sultanate of Oman
    Zamboanga City and Basilan Province
    The Philippines
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    Hi, there Barry :

    Once again my condolence to the people of UK

    I admire, and appreciate, your perceptions into the present events vis-a-vis the Al Qaeda (pronounced "uhl- QAA -ee - duh, stress on the second syllable). And I DO agree with you in your observations of that GROUP being composed of "mad idiots" and "munafiqqun",i.e, Islamic hyprocrites who twist Quranic teaching to their detriment to the greater majority...

    This PEOPLE should be eliminated...but, I do wonder why it is, as Patriot Missile suggested, people finds solution in the destruction of a PLACE far fetched to the issue. After 911, the culprits were known to be in a certain place. But, the major Actor, in the play, stop short of finishing surgery; and, instead opened up a second front in the Middle East and now is spending billions of dollar to campaign and thousand lives of its soldier.

    If only all peoples are the likes of you, a little understanding here and there, the world should be a better place than what it is. Best regards
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    That was not a quote of course, only my lack of knowledge of using the switchboard :)
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    Ok, Guys, Patriot, and others,

    While I can appreciate P-M's feelings, i agree with some, better language would have been in better taste.

    my word will be the last on this subject, i will lock this thread, or if P-M wants to edit his comments, i will leave this open, then again, i could just delete the whole thread, I have that power, i have listened to the voices on the site, and that is why I am speaking up now.

    I will lock this thread, if anyone has a problem with that, private message me, or email me at or message me on any of the IM clients at the bottom of my sig block

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