Logging East Tennessee on the C&S RR

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  1. With apologies for the very late post, the photo was originally of a Shay on the Lily Fork Lumber Co in West VA. You can find the original photo in William Warden's look on West Virginia logging and I think also in the Buffalo Creek and Gauley book as well.
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    Hi WVM Man,

    Thanks so much for the information. I knew I had seen the prototype picture years and years ago. I also think there was an oil color painting made from that same photo as well.....but not so sure.

    Glad this old forum post still gets a little interest now and then.
    Doc Tom
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    more C&S cars

    I just got done lettering 6 cars for the C & S, to go into interchange service bringing the Berghausen-Shoemaker Lumber co. logs from Gravestone county via the Southern.


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    Did the C&S ever have a herald? I didn't see anything and being the hard working railroad it was I could imagine that they didn't have time to be creative.
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    Hi Tyler. No it never had a herald. I never was too artistic in designing one. fun to look at these old posts again. Tom
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