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    or any Lionel rolling stock that actuates (like a log dump car)...what all do you need to get it to work? I have a fastrack setup with TMCC. If you get the log dump car, what else do you need to get for it to work? About how much for a log dump car an any extras for it to work?

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    There are 2 types of log (and ore) dump cars.

    The older style, which came out in the late '40s, used sliding shoes to power the dump mechanism. The sliding shoes are positioned over an operating track which has extra rails between the center and outer rails. When the "unload" button is pushed for the operating track, the rails are powered and the dump mechanism does its thing. The log tray is sprung to return to its normal position when power is removed - button released. I don't know if the remakes of the older style used the sliding shoes/operating track or not. Turn the car over and check!

    The newer style uses a magnetic plunger mechanism, with an iron disk hanging down in the center underneath the log dump car. There are no sliding shoes, and no solenoid on the car. These were made from the mid-50s on. To unload, you put the disk over an uncoupling magnet, and hit the "Uncouple" button. The uncoupling magnet pulls the disk down, which releases the dump mechanism, causing the logs to dump. Note that this version requires you to manually reset the log cradle by pushing it back down into the latched position. But it only takes an uncoupling magnet/track to actuate, not operating rails/track. Cheaper to make and buy.

    Basic rule of thumb is that any operating car with a center disk/plunger hanging underneath is operated by an uncoupling magnet. Most cars that have sliding shoes are operated by an operating track with the extra rails. Easiest way to handle both is to replace a straight section of track with an O gauge "UCS" operating track (current Lionel # is 6-65530). I did not see a Fastrack operating rail track piece on the Lionel web site. You will need the Fastrack to O transition pieces. If you just need the uncoupling magnet, the Fastrack 6-12020 will do the job.

    The log cars generally come with logs and a dump bin. You supply the operating/uncoupling track.

    yours in operating cars and accessories

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