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    JOJOLINO New Member

    Hi folks,

    I'm from germany and here it is not easy to get infos about american locos.
    I want to build a model railroad with AT&SF and UP as companys.
    My favorite era is at the 1950's.
    I found many roster (Diesel) on the web about the builddate of diesels, but no information who long many locos are in use.

    Are there anyone who can tell me where i can get these infos?
    For example: I want to know when was the last drive of a E3 from UP? Or from a GP9 and so on.......

    Sorry about my bad english.

  2. kettlestack

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    JOJOLINO New Member

    Hi Errol

    thank you, but at this link and the others at this page I can't find what I really search for.
    This rosters shown me the years of production.
    This is a great Info too!!
    But I search about Infos at the last runs of Diesels.
    For example: The F3 is produced from 1945 to 1949
    At 1970 are any maschine still in use at the Union Pacific?

    Is it real that I drive a F3 and a GP38 at the same time?

    This Infos I can't find anywhere!

    JOJOLINO New Member


    i can't get a answer?
    Is my english to bad?
    Is my question stupid?
    Or knows that nobody?

  5. Woodie

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    If it was Australian railiways, then yes, I could point you to a number of sites that list dates and current location of all locos (in service, scrapped, restored, sold off etc), but Australia is no where near as big as the US (about 1/15th the size in population, and railways, but about the same area). Perhaps there are just too many locos in the US to have this documented anywhere.

    I dunno. Usually, a "no response" means nobody knows. I don't respond to questions/threads I cannot answer, or do not know about, and I think many other would do too.

    It's definitely not your question, english or anything else.:cool:

    It's just that probably, no one on The Guage can provide you with an answer. :confused:
  6. Gary Pfeil

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    As Woodie says, probably no one who has read your question knows the answer. I have no interest in those roads so don't know much about them. I model New York Central, I have some data on it. This came mostly from books about that road. Although it will take some time to get your answer that way, you would probably enjoy the books. I'm sure there are many available for those roads. Or you could try the historical societies for those roads. If you search for Union Pacific I'm sure you can find a forum dedicated to it whose members would almost certainly be able to help. Good luck.

  7. wsdimenna

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    Diesels of the Union Pacific, The Classic Era, Volume I.

    (Halifax, Pa.: Withers Publishing Co., 1999) 224 pages; 308 black & white
    photographs; abbreviated bibliography; 14-page 1934-1982 chronology of Union
    Pacific diesel locomotives; four-page summary of road numbers, with years in
    service; four-page summary of locomotive model quantities; 40-page history
    of Union Pacific dieselization; 153-page unit-by-unit roster of Union
    Pacific diesel and turbine locomotives numbered from 1 to 999. ISBN
    1-881411-24-9; $45.00.

    also go to

    although not a complete listing it does give some of the engines and their road numbers that are being restored

    hope this is helpful.
    bill d

    JOJOLINO New Member

    Thank you guys

    now i know why there is no answer.
    I've a look at the book you mean wsdimenna.
    I have seen it in the walthers catalogue but it is a risk for me to buy a book I can't look in it before.
    At amazon there is also no review available.....
    There are a hand full shop's here in germany where I can buy american railroad book's. I must look at it.

    Again I thank you for your help.


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