Loco runs off track, not on.

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by jdphotog, Dec 23, 2006.

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    Hi, need a little help

    Bachmann G 4-4-0 steam engine. Was running fine, then the transformer was set to "zero",but left plugged in overnite. Now the engine will not hum, light up, attempt to move , or make any noise while on the track. When drive wheels are lifted off the track and the guide wheels stay on the track the engine runs and lights up. When I set the drive wheels back down I see a blue spark off the rear drive wheel to the rail as the wheel gets very close to the rail. If I bench test by touching power leads to the guide wheels where the pickups are the engine runs. Where do I start???

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    I had the same problem with my Bachmann 4-4-0 G scale locomotive. I went to their web site and got some repair information. For $50 plus shipping, they did an entire overhaul on the locomotive. That might be your best way to go! They did a very good job!:thumb: Plus I got the locomotive back in a very timely fashion. It sounds like the electric motor might be burned out.:(

    Merry Christmas:wave: ,
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    Andy thanks

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    Actually, after carefully reading your symptoms, I'd bet something on that last set of drivers is shorted to the frame. THat's the only reason it would arc and cause a short like that.

    But again, it's probably safer to let Bachmann do the repairs unless you're VERY sure of what you're doing.
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    I removed the bottom cover over the running gear and looked for cut wires, broken leads, or debris and really couldn't find anything. While the engine is on the bench I put power to the pickup wheels on the front truck and the motor spins the drive wheels in either direction. No odd noises. I wondered if there are ohmeter test for continuity I could do before I spend the bucks, y'know from motor to frame or wheels. Any help is appreciated.

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