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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Clashster, Mar 3, 2007.

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  2. thewoodengraver

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    Very nice! Thank you for that. I don't remember if I had seen that...my download days are all such a blur. LOL
  3. hpept

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    Any idea on where to find the loco sheds to download? Please help a german language challenged person
  4. Amazyah

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    I was wondering the same thing, those engine sheds look pretty good.
    I clicked a hundred different links but never found a shed.:cry:

  5. Clashster

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    I found them through one of the links on the right. When clicking on one of the links (don't remember which one), a few links appeared in the center of the page... Click on the individual links and you get them! Unfortunately, late for work, so I don't have time to check it out - if you are still having trouble when I get home, I will figure it out!

  6. Clashster

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    Ok guys, work can wait! First link on the right brings up a page with several links in the center of the page (most end with bogen - (house in German?). They are zip files to download... Hope this helps!

  7. Clashster

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    Alright, that may not be it... I will look later!!
  8. thewoodengraver

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    edited...incorrect translation...sorry.
  9. winterschmied

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    Hello to all,
    i'll try to translate. At the right side of the page are links to the downloads.

    The first is called "Feldbahnen in Neuwied" and means a narrow gauged train in the little Town Neuwied. If you click it you will be lead to the downloads. There are only two different, but in variable sizes. Always the first is the lokomotive (build in time of WWII), the second is the carriage.

    The second Link is a pub in an other town nearby.

    more to follow

    PS: "Bogen" is only a german word for a bigger sheet of paper (here A4)
  10. Clashster

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    Thanks for the help, Jotwe! My high school German is twenty five years of never using and easily forgotten!

  11. B-Manic

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    Is there a link to download the shed/building??
  12. winterschmied

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    Please excuse me for not answering earlier, but this week was pretty full of work.
    The links at the page are always locs and carriages. The shelter was build from card with different thickness and colour and also a cardbox from winebottles. It was only used for the scene (i don't know the translation for 'Diorama'), so says the text. Today only the name of the street remembers to the schelter, so the model was made by old photographs and memorys of older citizens.

    Greetings from rainy germany

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