Lockheed XFV-1 "Salmon" VTOL

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  1. sdk2knbk

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    This is the old Starline reprint of the Maty Modelarz kit. I started it almost 2 years ago, and plan on getting back to it as soon as I finish the Enterprise Bridge. I scanned the pages and added color to the insignia and canopy, but it really needed to be printed on silver paper. It also needs the correct markings for the fins, I didn't have them yet when I printed it. More pics to follow when I start the build back up.

    Scott K.

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  2. sdk2knbk

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    Finally started working on it again. Added the casters and wing pods.
    Finished at last. I'll try not to take 2 years with the next one.

    More views in my gallery.

    Scott K.
  3. yaniv

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    scott this is a great model i must say :)
  4. Bowdenja

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    Wow.............. and where can us mere mortals get one from............... hmmm!!?? hmmmmm!!?? :twisted:

    Two years and it looks like you just started on it and finished today.......... I can even find my glass after 5 minutes............... how do you keep something as delicate as that for 2 years and still look like than!

    That's another WOW!

  5. Clashster

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    Wow! Awesome looking build! Thanks for the pictures, Scott!

  6. willygoat

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    I know that FG has a version of this model. It doesn't have the formers inside that I know of. It looks to be fairly detailed though. This particular build looks great! Nice work.
  7. sdk2knbk

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    Thanks all, glad you like it! John, I bought this particular model on eBay a little over four years ago. It says Starline on the instructions, and that it's a reprint of "the old Maty Modelarz kit, with appropriate corrections." Starline reprint? Hmmm... Legal? I don't know, never heard of them before. It is a nice model, though. As for keeping it two years, I've got several cardboard clamshell boxes that plumbing fixtures came in that I store my various projects in. The model did suffer some damage in the mean time. I had to re-attach the tail fins three times. I kept getting it out swearing to finish it, then just didn't get around to it, and it got crunched in the mean time. I just finished the FG Vertijet (but not the launch platform yet), so was "vertically minded" enough to get back to this one. Since I've never seen another one of these though, if you want an XFV-1, you'll have to make do with the FG version.

    Scott K.

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