Lockheed T-33 in 1/100 Scale

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    Well friends, the more my new creation. The jet trainer T-33 developed starting from the F-80 fighter very used during the war of Korea (1950-1953). T-33 was one of the first airplanes to jet developed exclusively for training and they were operated along 40 years by a lot of air forces, besides FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira - Brazilian Air Force) that used so much the monoplace F-80 as Biplace T-33 of the end of the fifties to the half of the seventies, when they entered in service the Xavante (MB-326) and F-5 Tiger II.

    The simple model of being built represents a T-33 operated by the Air force of Indonesia in the seventies and it is one of the more than 30 versions offered by DGA for download by payment of modest US$ 2,00 saw paypal, the model without internal formers is simple of being built and it can be done in few hours. The address to acquire is: http://dgapapermodels.com/catalog/

    The original model is offered in the scale 1/48, but as always I reduced for the scale 1/100 as it is of custom, the only problem of that model is the weight, he is not balanced in the landing gear and as it would not be able to for weight, the solution was to manufacture a tarmac and glue the model...

    Good we are going the pictures...





    My sugestion for DGA people!!! Please make a T-33 and F-80 in FAB Colours!!!

    The FAB, is most important and largest operator of Shooting Star in the South America, T-33 and F-80 were used in the air defense of Brazil to the arrival of more modern types. If the problem is material of reference I have to make available... :thumb::mrgreen:
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    Great Job!

    Send the material to me........... after the one I'm working on now (Don) I'll give this one a go.


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