Lockheed F-104A Starfighter by Der Kampfflieger (1:48)

Discussion in 'Kit Reviews' started by damraska, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. damraska

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    Hi dansls1,

    Would you please post the brand of decal paper and printer you were using? Perhaps a differerent combination of decal paper and printer would work better. I am not surprised that the decals without a clear coat broke down over time, but the fact that unused decals rotted on the sheet concerns me. It appears I need to do more research on this before I proceed. Thanks for the information.

  2. damraska

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    I cannot believe it escaped me until now, but I just noticed a fairly major accuracy problem with this model--the canopy is in two pieces instead of three! I will fix the problem on my build and post updated pictures when I can.

  3. dansls1

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    I'm pretty sure I have the leftover stuff at home - I'll post the brand up when I remember to look at home. The decals were clearcoated with a spray material that came with the decals - following the exact directions given. (You printed on their special paper, then sprayed the sheet to create the decal. The decals were then applied, and actually the models were clear-coated - so the fade was from underneath both their spray material and another topcoat of clearcoat. The un-used decals that faded were sprayed with the specific clear that came with the decal paper.) It's been a while, so maybe the technology has gotten better - but these were definitely temporary following their exact instructions.

    I wonder if the best method might not be to print the symbols on the thinnest paper you can (tracing paper?) and then glue them on. The symbols would have texture in the real world where they were painted on - so I think it could still look authentic if done right. Also you would have the original symbol there as a guide where to glue the new symbols on.
  4. dansls1

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    Ok - the brand I used was SuperCal Decals.
  5. Bowdenja

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    RATS! I was hoping that print your own decal thing would work:curse:
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    what about the clear mailing labels from Avery?
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    G'Day Doug!
    Thanks for Your reply.
    Dont worry I just hang in there until it happens.
    Many thanks to Peter and crew for making the enormous effort necessary to bring this forum back to normal.It must be a gigantic task to do it all.Thank god there are poeple far more capable than myself doing it.
    Kind regards from Down Under

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    I think that the decals will always look 'off' a little unless you are using either a dye-sublimation printer or white decal film as a base. Our printers assume that they are printing on white and they adjust the ink being laid down based on this assumption. You can try printing your markings on either white decal film or white label stock. It will necessitate more exact trimming of the markings, but should yield better coloration.

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