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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by rmks2000, Jul 21, 2006.

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    Firts, I hope this is the correct forum for this thread. My apologies if it should be in another.

    After viewing your beautiful KC-35R and 707 pictures on your site, I tried to print your Electra in MS Paint. Unfortunateley, the part letters/numbers are difficult to read, even after printing at high-quality with a Canon MP730. Any suggestions?
  2. airbob

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    Lockheed Electra 10A does not prints in MS Paint!?

    I have Photoshop and most of my stuff is done with .psd designator..this is the Adobe program....I don't know why it does not print in the MS paint program....maybe some of te computer gurus whe read this can add a note of clarification?:?
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    put ms paint in the recycle bin,
    Download a free version of Paint Shop Pro OR try Irfanview
  4. rmks2000

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    That sound you hear is me hitting my forehead with the heel of my palm!:oops:

    My problem was that I didn't download the full size jpg.

    BTW, I have PSP7 and had increased the smaller jpg 400%, but the detail was fuzzy for obvious reasons.
  5. airbob

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    Lockheed Electra plate detail

    Have you downloaded at the 5100x6600 definition and then saved that plate to work with..this was the larger plate that was to be used for all downloads...the other lower definition was only for viewing the plate at this site......the detail at 5100x6600 is very sharp...and you can enlarge without any problem! I hope that you can use this larger plate...no problem using this with Adobe Photoshop...:yep:
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    Yes, that is what I meant by the larger version. I also downloaded the psd for the planview. This model looks a little challenging, but the results will be worth it. Now if I can find a Vega to go with it. Thanks again.

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