Lockheed Constellation wanted

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    If you go to the top blue menu line of this site, you'll see a button called Search. Go inside and select Advanced Search. Type in Scon10 and you'll find the threads, where I have made a contribution. One of these is Paper on Balsa, and there are some pics of this and other aircraft. As I mentioned, these aircraft are scratchbuilt, i.e. not a kit. They are all in scale 1:50.
    Below is another pic of the scatschbuilt Connie, together with some pics of another Super Constellation model, scale 1:66 2/3, (odd, indeed), which is a copy of a 1950's card model from the Dutch publisher Emsco. It is available from Zeist Bouwplaten. The little yellow plane is a Fokker S-12 basic trainer of the 1940's, also a copy of an Emsco model.
    I am now working on a KLM Convair 340, also obtained through Zeist Bouwplaten as an Emsco copy. I'll put some pic's up, if you're interested.

    Best regards.

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    well done on the Constellation
    have you ever thought about publishing your model
    i would love to build it
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  4. Scon, I am impressed everytime I check this thread. Your Connie is superb! I enjoy looking at it thoroughly :) :)

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