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  1. My first air craft build. I built it the first time at normal size, I wasn't happy with the results so I jacked up the size a little and built it again. Some of the pieces don't quite fit, the canopy is a little too large, and getting the nose cone strait is next to impossible, I built it twice and had the same problems on both, but over all a great mod. This is an orginal design by Kancho, A very cool design, it has a main body ridge center and an outer skin that wraps around, this would be a great model to size up to about 18".

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    It looks like either the lines with the black part on the front of the cockpit and nose didn't line up, or maybe if shifted during assembly. It is kind of odd that models with simple fuselages, in that sense of a straight tube with a point, are most sensitive to any kind of accrued error. If you would have show in in just the 3/4 views, it would have never shown up! Just make a gentle camber and form the wings into a wing foil, balance it out and throw that sucker reall hard, it will fly just like a Dart. I used to make F-104's at Sikorsky's and we would throw them at each other. Sometimes, we would launch them with the compressed air guns. Under 100 lbs of pressure, they flew really fast. I balanced one out really nice with one of those tiny ESTES rocket motors and that thing flew amazing, it did this incredible arc around 60 feet in radius, then, because i used the wrong type of engine, the nose blew off and the crash was spectacular. A Paper plane , on fire, on the ground. It looked like a real crash scene, except no one got hurt. Nice job. Really. Most people would have posted just the views that didn't show errors. You actually could cut that nose off and fix it, it wouldn't be hard. Just draw some kind of graphic to make it look aligned. :)

  3. The problem is that the fuselage design here isn't a tube, it's actually four parts, a top skin, a bottom skin, forward fuselage and nose cone. All four peices are wrap around design. When attaching the parts to the main fuselage frame ridge it distorts the shape of the parts. Getting one side strait it throws off the other side. There are some that don't quite fit, this I have found is quite typical in many mods.
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    you know, I have this model. I think I am going to try it out. My son wants one, he doesn't care how it comes out, but you have me curios. This one has that backbone in it. I know which model this is now. I still think they look good. Maybe that center piece needs to be balsa wood or something?!?
  5. It's a real easy mod, you could build it in less than a day
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    Could you tell me where can i get it please?
    Thanks, Dario
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    Hi Dario. You can find the model on Kancho's page here; http://paperwings.phobby.com/

    Just click on the "Free Models" tab at the top right of the page. There are several other models to download there as well. Kancho has been very generous with them, and also offers a number of other excellent models for sale, as well.

    Scott K.
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    Thanks Bhelliom! :)

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