lock the diffs?

Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by ty923, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. ty923

    ty923 Member

    can i lock the diff in my e maxx if i can should i i have the HV novak brushless system would it hold up to it thanks.
  2. mavrick0

    mavrick0 Member

    Rather then locking your diffs just buy the Traxxas spool. Then atleast you have the normal diffs if you decide to switch back but the spools and lock diffs will put a lot more stress on the drive shafts, tranny, etc and your turning radius will be reduced as well. The HV will hold up to it, it's the rest of the parts you need to worry about.
  3. ty923

    ty923 Member

    thanks looks like i will need some more upgrades.
  4. ty923

    ty923 Member

    update i just got a locked rear end for e maxx put 12 tooth pinon and 74 tooth spur with the hv motor system on fireball tire this thing is big with some crazzy power and top speeds.

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