Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Reality, Sep 2, 2003.

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  1. Reality

    Reality New Member

    Where do you guys live. well i live liike 12 miles outta chicago in a suburb called berwyn illinois. and tryin to find someone my age to chill with.lol.[8D]
  2. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    im in jersey
  3. Reality

    Reality New Member

  4. BOWTIE1

    BOWTIE1 Member

  5. Reality

    Reality New Member

    Texas, Where everything is bigger.LOL.
  6. nitroaddict

    nitroaddict New Member

    In Orlando, FL here. Home of the Giant mouse.
  7. Reality

    Reality New Member

  8. Airbus 9e

    Airbus 9e New Member

    Rocheter NY
  9. wendy

    wendy New Member

    I live in mississippi
  10. lilbigmac_70

    lilbigmac_70 New Member

    Chi Town....actually i could say near chi town.....
  11. bLaZe

    bLaZe Member

    Ohio all the way!
  12. CaNaDiAnRaCeR

    CaNaDiAnRaCeR Member

  13. X x AcE x X

    X x AcE x X New Member

    the booogie down in the city that never sleeps
  14. rusty savage

    rusty savage New Member

    chicago! if any one in chicago is looking for a group of folks to bash with or just a place to bash check out the site in my sig. we have a whole chicago section on that board and we get together almost every weekend. so far we have about 25 regulars and about 40 once in a whiles so check it out!
  15. I live in Wisconsin, 45minutes south of green bay
  16. imfast

    imfast Member

    i live in North Carolina hehe
  17. daytondaft

    daytondaft Member

  18. jlmoreno911

    jlmoreno911 Member

  19. mastmec

    mastmec Member

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