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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Bob Collins, Nov 5, 2001.

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    Hey Gary,
    Thank you for the kind words regarding the site. First of all let me say that the techniques I use are ones that have been tried and tested by others. Nothing I do is original. I just modify them to my taste.
    2 books have been very useful with scenery and detail:
    -Scenery Tips & Techniques
    -Detailing Tips & Techniques
    Both are By model Railroader Magazine.

    What I think looks great is to use real sifted dirt. I have access to fine sand from New Mexico which I use in every scene. Our local dirt has too much clay and is too red. The 'Feed Mill' scene is a good example of how light the dirt dries after being set with diluted glue. The road was rutted with the wheels of a scale car while still damp. When dry, highlight the wheel tracks by scuffing with sandpaper. All grass ground cover is Woodland Scenics. Avoid using just one color grass. Sprinkle on many shades and let alittle dirt show thru in places. Set with diluted glue: 50% glue and 50% water with a few drops of liquid soap.

    The 'Babes Diner' mountain in the background was built over styrofoam. Cover the foam with Woodlands Modeling Plaster.
    The rocks were made using a Woodlands rock mold. I used just one and turned it different directions to get variations throughout.
    I Put the molds on while still wet so they could be pressed into the general shape of the mountain. When dry, spray paint everything primer gray. Spray the rocks with a alcohol/ black ink wash ( 1 pint alcohol / 2 teaspoons blak ink). Then sprinkle ground cover directly over the top of the rocks to show alittle vegetation

    Trees- My forground trees are rather time consuming but I do not have to build very many. The tree armature is made of 1/8" cable I found at a hardware store. Cut into 6 inch pieces. Unravel half the length of the cable and form into the basic tree shape. Paint the trunk and a few bigger limbs with Liqiutex Modeling Paste. When dry, scuff up the trunk with a small wire brush to give it texture. Spray paint the tree primer gray. While it is still wet, sprinkle woodlands ground cover on the limbs. Then take a 2 inch square of Woodlands tree netting and stretch it very thin over the limbs. You want it thin enough to see thru the tree. Highlight the tree by giving the trunk a wash of alcohol/ink and highlight the top part of the tree by spray painting it with a very light coat of yellow.

    I hope this has been helpful to you Gary. Let me know if I have been too vague on something.

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    DOD horsepower

    Hey Bob, I think I found a picture of you in the Army, doing what you love to do. (Didn't you say you made an Intelligent choice when in the army, or where you talking about the chicken-bone readers? :D) You're the one hanging on in front, right?

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    Hey BDC, you blew my cover!!!

    Where in the world did you find that picture? I see the rear end of a '55 Chevy on the right and a '57 on the left. The fatigue hats ( our "Castro" hats) date the pix a bit too. Even as old as I am I can't recall seeing an Army steam engine that was operational. If the pix isn't from there at Ft. Sill I would have to think it muct be at Ft. Eustis, VA at the Army Transportation School.

    Would love to see that 2-8-0 Consolidation come steaming into town about now:D

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    Not sure where I got the picture from, and I'm also not sure where the photo was taken either. Sure wouldn't mind seeing that engine come to town either...

    Actually, I don't think it was Ft Sill, mainly because we have 6 RR crossings here (I'm stationed at Silly [sic]) and all of them are 90 degree crossings. Also, if it was Sill, there would be several buildings visible that definetley pre-date this photo. Must have been Ft Useless [sic again].:p
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    A big thanks for posting the photo. I am a real steam buff so like it. The hardtop 57 Chevy was my favourite at the time too. What a car. Big V8 and wheel covers at the rear. Great for Saturday night cruising.
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    Hi BDC
    I was in Lawton in '99 on a vacation trip; drove down with a bunch of people I met on the 'net to Norman; drag raced at Thunder Valley in Noble; went on a sight-seeing tour down to Lawton, through Fort Sill, visited Geronimo's gravesite, went up on Mount Scott (whatta view:) ), and had the best steak I've ever tasted at Meers:D
    I have some pics from the trip posted here on my site (not all the full-size pics are up:(). Had a great time, and would drive the 2300 miles again any time:)

  7. The Bywater is a section of New Orleans, so i call my layout The Bywater Railroad. Besides being on the banks of the Mississippi...3 city blocks to the docks....the neighborhood is bordered by a shipping canal that connects the river to the lake....3 sides are "by water".....there is also railroads that surround the neighborhood too......down at the docks at the river at the canal in the industral area and a switchyard that makes he division of this Bywater neighborhood from the French Quarter.....thats the set of tracks that i have to cross each am and evening going to and from work.....I have started a homepage at www.geocities.com/bywaterrailroad please take a look....and see what i have done so far.....

    best to all
    Nick Weber
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    I took a look at your website and layout. Looks great, but nowhere do I see anything that tells me the scale. It looks HO when compared to other things in the room, but I suppose it could be S too?

  9. hi bob,

    yes it is ho scale, sometimes i don't see the forest for the trees. I should put that in my info text about the layout. I mostly collect stemers.....but just bought two desiels engines....a "cow" switcher and a gp 40 just to try them out around the belt.......

    thanks for taking a look....
    best nick

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