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  1. i just happen to be out side for lucnh when i herd her call for the crossing i ran out and cought these pics (must get better cam tho)

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    It looks like your camera has some problems with (auto?)focusing. As it seems, the train REALLY IS in the focusing range, since in the first pic there is a zone - about halfway between camera and loco - where track and ballast are in sharp focus. So it should be technically possible to get a sharp picture of the train which is farther away!

    Some cameras really a very finicky with the macro setting. :curse: Perhaps you find some explanation in your manual. And most important, use the smallest aperture possible.

    With my camera I found the pics can be focused easier when I back off some distance with the camera (with macros setting), but then I zoom in again with the objective. On the other hand, the more you zoom in, the shorter gets the depth of field - and then perhaps only the snout of the loco in sharp and the rest is even blurred more. Model photography is always a balance act with compromises! :(

    However, the layout scene and posing of the models is very good. The tree in the left foreground gives a fine, natural frame for the passing train! :thumb:

    Oh well, another explanation: You still could explain that with your lunch picknick you also got some cups of moonshine and so your view was just a little bit blurred! :D:D:D

  3. thanks for the tips ron as in the part 2 ive used it about 4x it was one of those wally word speacials 30$ but ill toy around with it as i hear theres a coal drag comming by.sign1

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