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    Thee plans are for Balsa models, but with very little effort and imagination, they can easily be used for foam sheet or paper, if you choose. The Database is massive! :)

    Link =http://www.outerzone.co.uk/index.asp
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    thank you for sharing the database is amazing zathros.
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    i wonder if that thermo plastic ''worbla'' would be useful in things like this, for the troublesome compound curves.

    i have been experimenting in paper, and using typing paper and cigarette papers, i have found that builing up on the curves can hide a lot of ''sins'' lol, so to speak , but it is a lot of work and cannot be printed out into a simple paper model peice. im sure others have done so with paper putty and sanding but this is more layers and more work, hence, more fun.

    thanks Zathros , for another interesting help on this stuff.
  4. zathros

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    Interesting Video about molding Depron to form wings. Makes the foam more rigid. The temperatures you are looking for molding in any shape are around 175 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Most people use a two part male/female mold, 10 minutes heating, then let mold cool before removing. Same thing could be done with a fuselage, the possibilities are endless. I know a few people who use the old pager motors for engines on free flight models. :)

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