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    I know that the LNE used box cars in cement service and I want to model a few of them. I think they were the 40 foot black boxes with the white stripe on the bottom of them. Is this correct? And what was there #s? Please help if you can???
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    Looks like that all the LNE black painted boxcars were used for hauling concrete.
    Take a look at this one:http://www.gingerb.com/Box Car No. 8307.jpg

    Looks like an awful lot of concrete powder streaming down the sides.
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    I am not sure about them using boxcars for cement. I know they used covered hoppers for cement service. When the LNE was closed down the only thing that survived was the cement service which was sold to the CNJ and operated as the Lehigh & New England Railway. Since the cement service was late in the time line for the LNE the black billboard box cars could have been used.
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    The L&NE used boxcars for cement service. Originally they were boxcar red and changed to the black with white sill stripe scheme about 1957 or so. The covered hoppers were used for bulk cement service and the boxcars usually hauled it in bags like you get at Home Depot, etc. I'm not sure if they were ever used for bulk loading like you would use a boxcar in grain service though. More research is necessary!

    TomPM is correct in saying the CNJ purchased the remnants of the L&NE that were in their cement area and continued to operate it.

    There were several series of boxcars over the years including PS-1 and a car similar to the PRR X-29. Email me offline and I can fix you up with cars numbers.

    Roger Huber

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