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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by TrainNut, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. TrainNut

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    Hey all,

    After posting pictures of my wrought iron table in the for sale section, I thought I would post some more pictures of one of the tables I am keeping, here. It's started out as a Queen Anne table from Costco. I then added in the bottom and went from there. Sorry about some of the photos as I am learning how to control blurriness in extreme close-up situations. One of them turned out so neat that I left it in. I took about 30 pictures and the following are the ones I deemed good enough for you to see. I hope these load okay as after much frusturation, I had to reduce the pixelation to a dismal number to come in under the max file size requirement.

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  2. TrainNut

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    And some more...

    And the rest...

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  3. TrainNut

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    I'm disgusted. All my hard work dis-illusioned by poor quality uploads. So much for detail but at least you get the idea. Anyone have any advice on how to upload with better quality using Adobe Photoshop? I started out with beautiful, detailed photos that were 1.3K and 36"x24". What I ended up loading were files that dissolved down to 5.16"x3.418" and less than 45K. There are tons of beautiful photo's on this site. What am I doing wrong?
  4. N Gauger

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    The Photos are fantastic!! They all lose quality when you shrink them down.. That's great work!!!!. I notice "The Foreman" is asleep near the Table too. We have 2 Poms - She / He?? looks adorable!! how old is it??? Mine are both 15 :) :)
  5. TrainNut

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    We used to have two Pomeranians as well but when our son was born two years ago, the youngest Pomeranian was terrified of him (she was actually terrified of everything), so we found her a better home. The one in the picture is 6 years old, 4.5 lbs., and thankfully is not a yappy dog. She is very quiet for the most part.
    Thanks for the compliments on the pictures. I guess when I am used to looking at them big and hi res, it's bound to be a little disappointing when I shrink them down and lose the resolution. Still, if you noticed, there is another train table in the background and I still have to post pictures of that one as well so I will get to practice some more and hopefully improve my import problems.
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    Great Job :thumb: :wave: :thumb:
  7. TrainNut

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    Hey LiveSteamer,

    Hey LiveSteamer,

    Are you the same LiveSteamer on
    EDIT: Never mind. Different person. Went and looked it up.
  8. TrainNut

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    Gettin this import thing down...

    Well, I thought I would post just a few more and see if I haven't figured out the best way to import photos with the best quality. We'll see how these look...

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  9. Pitchwife

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    Hi TrainNut, welcome to the Gauge. The pics are great! :thumb: Wish I had room for something like that in my livingroom.
    Re the size/quality there are two ways to do it. In either case you need to upload them to a site on the internet. Talk to your ISP. Most of them give you at least 5 meg to work with. Some have their own uploading software and some don't. If yours doesn't you will need an FTP program. I won't get into the details of that here because there are so many different ones. Do a search on them to get the information you'll need. Once you get your pics uploaded as jpegs you can do either of two things. On the toolbar at the top of the post window there are several icons. The one that looks like a postcard is "insert image" where you can insert the URL of the picture you would like post. Remember though that large, high res photos take time and bandwidth to download. For really large high res pics use the globe icon next to it and enter the URL as a hyperlink that people can click on and be taken to the web site of your photos.
    I can't wait to see the high res versions. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  10. simonf

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    another easy way to improve pictures that doesn't have to do with resizing/compression issues is using lighting other than your flash. I don't use my camera's flash unless I really have to. Set up a couple lamps opposite eacother or three lamps in a triangle to reduce shadows and create a nice warm, not to bright lighting.

    great layout man. im jealous too, wish I had some room like that to put my layout. where is your controller?
  11. TrainNut

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    It is velcro'ed to the bottom for ease of removability.

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  12. simonf

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    brilliant! [​IMG]
  13. N Gauger

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    Yep - one of ours is quiet - the other one only barks for important things - like a car door opening a mile away :) :) If she hears a single noise in the house she wont stop barking until she feels that she has scared it away. :)
  14. Sir_Prize

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    :thumb: :thumb:
    If I had more thumbs I'd give ya more thumbs up... :rolleyes:

    Very Sweet!!
  15. Papa Bear

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    Looks great, TrainNut!
  16. TrainNut

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    Wow! The pictures in this thread look absolutely horrible after the site change. Anyways, around November of last year (2006), I took this coffee table layout down to my LHS for display purposes for Christmas and New Years. They asked me if I wanted to sell it. I said, not really but if somebody was really interested, I'd take 2k for it. I've been kind of lethargic about getting it back home and come today, I got a phone call that a school teacher had put a down payment on it. Let me post some pics again from another source. I'm gonna miss that table but now I get to do another one!
  17. Triplex

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    I've been seeing that in other threads, too - they look like thumbnails blown up to the size of the full picture. Your new pictures are working fine.
  18. beamish

    beamish HO & Steam Engineer

    If you click the pictures they work fine. it is only the preview that does not work very well.

    That is a very cool layout. I think i might try and make one in a coffee table like that some day.
  19. KATY

    KATY Member

    So are these older attached photos going to stay permanently pixilated (awful looking) or will they go back to normal at some point?
  20. Cheetah20

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    Impressive !! ...that is so cool
    and a great idea............................
    Good Job "TrainNut" !!! :)

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