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    Yea, I'm a live steamer, G-gauge track, with one O-gauge locomotive. At first I got into garden railroading. Then I got hooked on live steam, and I lost interest in the garden part of it. I guess I liked the machines better than the garden or the scenery. I've even gone so far as a coal fired steamer.


    Check out my website for some good live steam pics.
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    I love this stuff! What is the thing on the stack for, in that pic in post 14, Livesteamer? My dad almost bought into this in 1978, we would have a fine roster by now, if he did. I like those big engines alot, but my faves are the odd little ones.

    One day.

    TrainClown ;)
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    That is a blower, when firing up an engine you want the air to curculate.

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