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    I've been reading through the threads and think live steam is the way to go for my backyard project. Really cool. I'll probably start with the Ruby. I have a few questions:

    1. Track, what code to use? I notice different manufactuers may not be standard on this in case of mixing and matching. I would also like to run regular G-scale locos etc. on the same track.

    2. What after market componants are available for the Ruby? I'd like eventual to kit-bash the Ruby into a 2-4-2ST Cliffhouse & Ferries Railroad engine.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I like the LGB track for my garden live steam trians. I tried the other brand, won't mention the name, but it kept going out of gauge on my layouts. It seems to work great if you are running on concret or wood. I just found that LGB track seems to be the strongest, but some people may think differently than I do; but their is a plus on the other brand. It is less exspinsive and comes in many more sizes. It can also be bought in stainless steel. Stainless steel seems to be the best for electric trains. If your going to run both, then you may want to check out both types. As for running the live steam with electrics, you need to insulate the wheels on the Ruby if your going to run them together at the same time or to have them on the same track. There are many mods you can do to the Ruby. I've done many mods myself, if you want you can search and find some of my pictures that I've posted. Well, I hope you like live steam as much as I do.Also check out "Small Scale Live Steam" on the web, their you can find many things to do to the Ruby.

    Have a great day,
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    Stick with common brass track, at least at first. The cost of stainless steel is high, unless you are going to run several hundred feet of rail, you will be better off spending your money on a decent power supply. LGB track is fine, more than likely the price of Aristocraft track will be cheaper. Use the largest diameter curves you can afford, this will aid in the operation of larger engines and inparticular steamers if you go this route. Most of all take time to lay a good foundation for your track, before doing much more you might consider getting a copy of "Large Scale Model RailRoading" by Marc Horovitz and Russ Larson..... best first $20.00 bucks you will spend in this hobby. Most of all, good luck and have fun, there are many on this forum who are willing to help, opinions differ, you milage will vary. (sorry, I stole that from someone, I could'nt resist) By the way, I'm in New Jersey, we have cold winters, hot summers and everything in between,
    I have no out of gauge problems, foundation, foundation, foundation.
    If you go the Live Steam route, Ruby is a great engine, there are others available with insulated wheels so they can be run with electrics..... Battery cars will provide power (can provide) electric with out complicated wiring and expensive power packs. Again, best of luck!
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    I use aristo craft track, i used to have LGB but wanted to try something new, it is a great engine.

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