live by train tracks?

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    The VIA passenger trains are on a regular schedule. Most of the freights are 'sure things' at certain times also. I have never really counted how many freights 'matter of factly' but depending on the day it could be busy or as dead as they (CN) wants. It's a double main with the infamous Paris Junction and crossing to the West of my home with a nice long main/a couple crossings and storage tracks. To the left (easterly) is the Paris high level rail bridge. Here's a pic of that looking North.

    When a westbound freight hits that (going right to left) about 1130 at night on a summers night when the windows are open - it's an awsome sound. You know the train will be at the house in about 20 seconds.
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    Very neat! What a great bridge scene! Just begs to be modeled!
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    Exactly Ralph!

    That looks very much like the bridge over the Credit River in Mississauga near where I lived for 9 years.

    The neighbourhood where I grew up had tracks near by. Really neat to watch and the engineers would wave to us when they go by. We had a very bad scare one year when there was an accident. A child had been killed on a trestle and my brother was over at some friends overnight. The age of the child was not known and my parents were freaking out until they were able to reach my brother. Fortunately (for us) my brother was with his friends when the accident happened and he was fine.

    Where we are now, there's a track that goes by and the guy who lived next door to us had a dog that would howl to the train. We were in the yard and she started howling when the train sounded its horn. She copied the pattern of the horn and actually changed the pitch of her voice to a fairly close match to the horn's pitch. Sad but kind of cute.
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    Neat photos. I live a few miles from the UP's (former C&NW) line from Janesville (WI) to Chicago. I commute on it just about every weekday - - figure I have close to 289,000 miles on the railroad ;)

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