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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by hooknlad, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. hooknlad

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    Fellows i stumbled upon an oldie but goodie - an episode of the Little rascals, " railroadin' " . It shows the Gang up to their mischievous ways on various steam locomotives and turntables. All this equipment appears to be "new" at the time. A worthwhile episode to see if you have the time... If someone could tell me the procedure on how to archive this episode to the Gauge,, I wouldn't mind letting you guys view this episode. We must remember to return the video back to me . I do not want the long arm of the law getting back to me for any type of copyright infringements. I just want to show other members in my club this video, being as it would be impossible to have each and everyone of you over my place to view it.. If this would be OK with the GAUGE.. If not I understand....
    If not, please email me and we can view this episode together in a "chatroom".:thumb: :thumb: train97 train97 train97 train97 train97 train97
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    I'd really like to see that episode -- it must be great! Being a fan of the Little Rascals (and Laurel & Hardy, also made by, Hal Roach), I'd really enjoy it. Please keep us posted on how to view this or if it's possible to upload it to The Gauge. Thanks, Rob
  3. MasonJar

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    Your best bet for sharing would probably be something like YouTube, but beware the battles over copyright and licensing that are on going. I don't know if the Little Rascals/Our Gang is old enough to be in the public domain now, but you never know what stance the media corporations will take (in this case, the intersted parties are MGM/UA/20th Century Fox/Sony, and possibly others in varying partnerships with MGM over the years...! :rolleyes:).

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    Be very careful with that!

  5. N Gauger

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    I think you can post the entire episode on youtube... i've been watching 60's TV shows for over a month now..... WKRP(71 clips), Little Rascals (over 200 clips), Three Stooges (Over 400), Top cat (Over 4,000) and others..... There's Tons of "Older" TV shows up there..... posted by individuals...
    And yes - i searched for "Little Rascals railroadin" and found nothing :(

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