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    I had a childhood friend and model train expert build the custom HO train set below for my son's 12th birthday, yet now my son is in college and all it does is take up space. I am looking to sell it, but it needs some maintenance, technically everything is sound, but the track is dirty and the main engine may need work as well. 10 years ago, we used to use an eraser type pad to clean the track, but I cant seem to find it or remember the name. Any tips on maintenance? or what this piece is called?
    Any advice is much appreciated

  2. eightyeightfan1

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    Welcome to the Gauge.
    The "eraser" thing you're talking about is called a Bright Boy.
    You can pick one up at any hobby store for a couple of bucks.
    Unfortunatly you edited out the pics, so we have no idea what it is you are trying to identify.
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    Where is the first post in this thread? All i see is Ed's post and not the original question that Ed replyed to??? :confused:
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    It maybe moderated.
    Maybe thats why I could see it.
    Wondered why it was highlighted in blue.
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    Approved now - you should be able to see it.

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    I see it now lol

    Welcome to the Gauge :wave:

    but as Ed said, the links dont work to the pics
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    Take a look

    Transfered from Picasa:

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