Lippisch P.13a (Luft46)

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    Eric, I think the issue is the way the archive is compressed, it is not compatible with the WinZIP because it is 'double-compressed'. When I open it using Total Commander, it displayes it as an archive within an archive, something I have noticed with several folks' compressed files, including some RAR instances.
    Which Windows are you using? The XP Pro I have does *not* unzip it properly, so I can see David's problem (this is probably a 'backwards compatible' issue within Windows...)

    Back to your design, I like it. I have IW a plastic kit of the P.13a that I have done quite a bit to with regard to detailing, including adding a complete airflow path from nozzle to exhaust. That isn't really possible with your model unless I can figure a way to 'bore out' the intake through the corrugated structure (very innovative, BTW!:thumb:) However, I can easily incorporate similar cockput detailing, and the canopy is a simple, single curvature sheet - so that is easy to incorporate also!

    I was wondering, will you offer a 'no-lines' version? The 'dashed' lines seem to detract from your nice texture & camo a bit. As PNG, I assume I could edit them out using Inkscape... something I might try just as an exercise. Would you mind if I did a 'repaint' in that regard?

    Thanks again for sharing, very nice work - and I bet it will 'glide' just dandy as well.:cool:

    Regards, Robert
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    Thanks for the kind words.

    I originally tried to make the ramjet assembly (intake to exhaust) but the target scale (1:48) made it too finicky to assemble. :) When I develop the skills to do the internals (cockpits and gunpods), I'll definitely get back to this model and do a remake, probably in 1:32.

    RE: ZIPped archive.
    I used 7-zip ( to make the archive. It unpacks without problems in the native ZIP explorer of XP and Win7. But hmmm... I've got 7-zip installed on both my XP and Win7 machines. Maybe 7-zip somehow changed the default extractors on the os.
    When I get home tonight, I'll re-pack using a different utility and see if I can update the files in my the download section.

    RE: no lines
    Ooops... sorry about that. I made an incorrect assumption that you can switch on/off the fold lines in Pepakura Viewer. I just realized now that the option is not available. I'll put up two versions of the PDO (w/ and w/o fold lines) when I get back from office tonight.


    - Eric
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    Sure go right ahead. I'm open to other camo schemes. I'm pretty much limited to the camo schemes I can find in my Luftwaffe resource books.

    I'd also want to try out adding some weathering effects.

    Indeed it does! Hahahah... When I did my alpha/beta build, I enclosed a screw big enough to fit inside the intake, and gave it a test flight. It glides surprisingly well, and pretty stable too! I was expecting it to wobble a bit but it didn't. :)
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    thanks ,nice one :thumb:

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