Lionel - what a piece of cr*p...

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by MCF, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. MCF

    MCF Member

    Lionel - what a piece of work...

    I hope Lionel reads this because as far as I am concerned, Lionel is one shady company. Well, I finally got my diesel back from Lionel that I sent in for warranty work two months ago. It's a Norfolk Southern SD-80 I believe. Well, when I got my Black Diamond Freight before Christmas, I noticed a loud buzzing coming from the engine when run using TMCC and every single person on this forum said it should be quiet. Then I took the engine to an authorized dealer and they ran the engine and agreed that the buzz was abnormal. Then I called Lionel and got an RA because the person I spoke to on the phone also said there should be no buzzing. When I got the box today, the note included said nothing was wrong with the enigne, that the buzzing was normal and that nothing was done to the engine. Lionel also did not address another issue that the rear motor would rub against a cable tray that runs above it making a clacking noise around corners...probably because it's a poor design with a poor company standing behind the product. I was excited about getting into this hobby, but Lionel has ruined that for me...the engine is in the closet with the rest of the set....because of this experience, I have no desire to least not with Lionel. I will be calling Lionel tomorrow to let them know what I think of the company...if you are a member of other train forums, you will see this post on them as well....Lionel - just another company thinking people are dumb enough to spend $1000's of dollars on less than mediocre quality equipment...what a joke.
  2. Steamtom1

    Steamtom1 Member

    Don't hold it in MCF. Let us know how you really feel.
  3. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    Some people like TV "wrestling", too...go figure:D :D I wonder about their quality on some items, also. It's mostly made in China now, isn't it? The whole Lionel thing is something I don't understand, myself, but Lionel has a lot of fans and a lot of customers, and has been around a loooong time. :wave:
  4. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    I've got two of the larger size NS SD80's and they run great. Yours should NOT buzz. Take it to a dealer that is an authorized repair facility. Let him hear it and agree. Then he can fix it. Some of the Lionel techs are not too swift. I think Lionel makes the better diesels with sounds. I just got a new MTH NS SD60 and the diesel sounds and horns are an insult. They run great. I have one MTH steamer and the sounds are great. No need to put it in the closet. Make them fix it. Let us know what they say.
  5. MCF

    MCF Member

    Just got off the phone with Lionel...

    talked to a guy that claims he had worked on hundreds if not thousands of these type engines and that some buzz is inherent with this type of engine....I guess you all are wrong and better send yours in to get that buzz back!!!! sign1 Hehehe....M

    aybe if I try a different transformer other than the CW-80 the set came with it will help reduce the problem....any suggestions?
  6. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    Might try it. Send the set to me. I'll run it. :thumb: If it wan't Lionmaster size, I'd send you a spanking brand new MTH SD60 PS2 in place of it. train97 Ithink it is fixable. Try this guy. Dick Teal is an expert on modern trains [and old too]. Use my name. Frank Eagles told me to contact you.
  7. eightyeightfan1

    eightyeightfan1 Now I'm AMP'd

    Might be the "Auto Mechanics Curse"
    You know....The strange sound coming from your car that mysteriously disappears when a mechanic gets in.
  8. MCF

    MCF Member


    I sent him a note!!
  9. wrmcclellan

    wrmcclellan Member

    MCF - What transformer are you using to power your layout?

  10. MCF

    MCF Member

    A Cw-80...

    and I realize that may be the culprit....if anyone has an alternate one willing to sell for cheap, let me know. Oh, and I couldn't just let the set sit int the closet...the fun overpowered me and I now again have it set up on my living room floor....the wife loves it (imagine a new house that is about as contemporary as you can get with a train set in the corner of the living room)...hehe..of course, the buzz is still there. I don't plan on leaving it out permently becaues I would like to keep the set 'mint'......and add maybe a set every xmas...and yes, the sets will be Lionel. Next xmas, hope to have two sets running in opposite directions (concentric circles).
  11. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    AH neck. I thought you would get tired of it and send it to me. sign1 Roy wants to know which transformer you are using. Think he missed it is a CW80. Forgot to ask about the buzz at my train shop Saturday. I know the speaker wires are supposed to be crossed.

    Also that volume control could be the culprit.

  12. wrmcclellan

    wrmcclellan Member

    MCF - do you have a friend with a traditional (older Lionel) transformer that would loan it for a test or can you take it to your hobby shop and test it there with a different transformer? Sometimes the CW-80 has caused a "buzz" for some folks. They notice that when they run the train faster (higher speed and voltage) that the buzzing diminishes and when in neutral, crank the voltage way up, and the buzzing diminishes.
  13. CaseyJonesII

    CaseyJonesII New Member

    Let's Put Manufacturing Back in the USA

    I can understand how you feel. More and more, our jobs go to China, a country abundent in cheap labor and a country deep rooted against us. Why we deal with them? Because the corporate moneymakers want more profits in their already too fat bank accounts. They could care less about the people. Money drives these wizards of industry. That is sad. :curse:

    I switched from Lionel O to G because of many reasons. One was like yourself, poor quality and high cost. Joshua Lionel Cowen is rolling in his grave in disgust I am sure. It's all about profits and that's it. Thousands of good Americans are out of work because of corpo-rat America. And did you ever hear of a poor man becoming president? Best wishes so you get your engine fixed and thanks for sharing your ordeal. We all can learn from it

  14. acflyer322

    acflyer322 New Member

    I agree Casey ! I have a friend who is a lionel dealer and he tells me that one out of ten sales on engines people bring back either not running or the electronics is the problem. The quaility of workmenhip has went down the tubes since Lionel went to china. This mass production without a good quality control is showing up here ten fold. I'm so glad all of my stuff is the old stuff . I don't need all that rail sound crap. These engines ran fine till they went with all the sound effects, if they want to make sounds make them do it mechanical such as Flyer did with a piston and the smoke generator works 50 years later it still works thats quality! design vs quality I will take the quality every single time. I know of one guy who bought a MTH diesel with rail sound and two days after he bought it the engine stop running . He went back to the store where he bought it and they sent it back to MTH after he laid out 550 for the purchase of this beloved engine. Two weeks later he was told the board was bad and its not covered under warranty , they wanted 255 for the new board . Needless to say he was really mad and got the engine and left. A day later he sold all his MTH stuff along with his newer Lionel stuff and sold it all on Ebay. He now runs stuff no older then 1960 and loves railroading again. So it stands to reason when quality starts going down so does the desire to have railroading as hobby! Maybe these companies should start considering that.
  15. CaseyJonesII

    CaseyJonesII New Member

    Give America Back To Americans

    It is so heart breaking to hear how good Americans are losing money because of the decision by corpo-rat America to get cheap labor to make trains. Unfortunately some large scale is made there too. The owner of Aristo emailed me once and said that even as president he cannot control manufacturing or shipping from china and never knws what or when he will get merchandise. Thatis pathetic. Why should these people get our money? We have Americans who want to work and need work desparately and meanwhile our president is giving away our ports to the arabs. Fortunately at large scale, I have all the trains and track that I need, but buyer beware: Lionel and MTH is crap. They need to come back to the homeland and have Americans make quality products and back up the warranties.. Just the other day I know a guy who bought an office chair from the local dealer and it can't be repaired. It was manufactured in china. Mike Wolf and the owner of Lionel (who is it?) need to think about this and good luck to all those who support china manufacturing. Why the small "c" in china? Because.....

  16. Chief Eagles

    Chief Eagles Active Member

    I work part time for an electronics company. They way up to 10% return rate is good. Sure is different than when things were made in America. Problem, the prices would be a lot higher if not made in China.
  17. Marxed

    Marxed Member

    i would have to say that you should look into vintage trains maybe?

    although i'm still a youngin' compared to most of the people on this forum, i'm 100% content on staying vintage, it's a whole different experience almost, and my old marx have never had problems, they have ran for 70 some years and will most likely run for another 70... i run them quite alot and they do get, all do used without problems.
  18. acflyer322

    acflyer322 New Member

    I agree 100% marxed, my whole railroad consists of all vintage flyers and when people see it they are so impressed by it . True I don't have rail sounds but my trains do things the new wave doesn't or just in the last few years can do . They think its a big deal a locomotive can sit there idling and smoke , I have a lot of locomotives (SIT) can do that ! If I have 4 of them sitting there idling I will fill the whole shop full of smoke in seconds. As far as rail sounds go I can put rail sounds in any of the engines I have and run them by remote but I'm very satisfied with the way they are! I can run 8 rails at once and soon I expanding possibly maybe running 10 lines at once. Give me vintage everytime and as far as the quality you have to ask yourself a question will those new Lionels and MTH trains be still around 60 or 70 years from now? I bet these old vintage trains will but I seriously doubt the plastic fantastics will ! Remember they are here now with 70 years under their belt and still running strong ! Most of my trains with the exception of a few were all built from 1946 to the mid 50's and built to scale. Ac Gilbert was a genius and it was a dark day when he passed away. His son took over and went the plastic route and soon found out how fast you can bankrupt a company by giving up quality for quantity so ended American Flyer as we knew and loved it. Same is going to happen to Lionel if they don't clean up their act. Those old train makers made their engines and cars out of diecast which to me seems to be the ultimate in a good train car or engine. Maybe they made them that way cause plastic wasn't invented yet but either way those old trains were the best . Not too big on tin plate but they are neat to. I buy and restore old lionels to resell but i see the quality lionel had back then and now theres no comparision.
  19. Marxed

    Marxed Member

    ah, railsounds, i've heard alot of different railsound things in new trains, but nothing quite is like the sound of afew tin-plate trains rumbling around the track, and ahh, the smell too! pure bliss! :D plastic trains just don't sound the same!
  20. Gil Finn

    Gil Finn Active Member

    I suggest he sell it on ebay abd move on.

    Give MTH or Williams a try.
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