Lionel Village Trolley - Track Type?

Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Conductor Zorak, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. Conductor Zorak

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    Hi all, new guy here. I am working on my first layout, which will be a point-to-point railway going around the high balcony/shelf area that encompasses much of our home's Great Room. I have purchased a Lionel Village Trolley set and the Lionel Polar Express Set. I realize the track types are not compatible; I am planning on keeping the Fastrack for a possible Christmas loop next year. I intended to use the type of track that comes with the trolley to construct one main railway, because it will be less expensive to purchase additional track. Which brings me to my question:

    Does anyone know exactly what type of track comes with the Trolley set? It is #21969. The product description reads "O-27 Gauge". Does that mean that I can just go ahead and buy some additional O-27 track and it will work with the track that comes with the set?

    I had been wondering for some time what to do with all the space in that balcony area, and when the idea of "train" came to me, it just clicked. So I have been really excited about getting it all going.....I feel like a little kid again as I imagine all of the little stops I will be constructing along the route. Mountains, dinosaurs, Star Wars action figures, Dept. 56 villages--nothing is out of bounds for this layout! I can tell this is going to be pretty addicting, I just hope my pocketbook (and schedule) can handle the shock! [​IMG]
  2. spankybird

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    That set comes with 027 tube track. Both Lionel and K-line makes this type of track.

    BTW - This trolley will operate on any 3 rail 'O' gauge track, just as will your PE.
  3. Conductor Zorak

    Conductor Zorak New Member

    Ok, thanks a bunch Tom. It might have sounded like a dumb question, but I wanted to order the additional track so it is on hand when the trolley and train show up. It would be a bummer to order the wrong type, and I am a total newbie.
  4. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    It's definitely not a dumb question. Lionel and its competitors have thrown around so much alphabet soup over the years that sometimes people who've been doing this a long time get confused.

    You can also get wide radius O27 track. Both Lionel and K-Line make it in 42-inch and 54-inch diameters. K-Line makes it in 72-inch diameters too but that stuff's in short supply right now. My Polar Express runs very happily on my 42-inch O27 track. In a pinch it'll run on O27 too, but it's happier on 42.

    As far as the budget, if you already know what you like, you're off to a good start. The mistake I made was buying everything that looked like a good deal three years ago when I got started again. I woke up this summer and realized I had all this stuff but a lot of it didn't work well together. And I'd been buying way too many trains and not enough buildings, figures, and vehicles. So I'm not buying any more locomotives or rolling stock until I'm happy with the number of buildings I've got.

    Obviously, anything that you already own will help as far as staying in budget. And there are plenty of knock-off ceramic buildings that you can use as stand-ins until you can afford to fill the layout with Dept. 56, if you're so inclined. There's plenty of stuff in the toy aisle of the local discount stores that's useful for a train layout too. The most important thing is to be creative, and learn how to see in your train's scale. You'll find lots of uses for things that weren't ever intended to go together with trains.
  5. Conductor Zorak

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    Thanks for the reply, Dave! [​IMG]

    Well, I wish I could do a larger diameter, but my max width is about 22 inches, unless I want to start tunnelling through some of the walls of our new home. I think I will hold off on that for now. So the track will stop abruptly on either end; that's why I bought the trolley, so it can go back and forth automatically when it hits the bumpers. And the train will just be driven slowly back and forth (not together with the trolley, of course.)

    Most of the purchases from here on out will be for scenery, aesthetics, painting the back wall, etc.

    I might eventually get up the courage to go through the walls, we'll see. [​IMG]
  6. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    Ah, so it really doesn't matter what track you use then, since you're going straightaway and don't have to deal with those pesky curves. Even better!
  7. Conductor Zorak

    Conductor Zorak New Member

    Well, the whole layout is more of an 'L' shape around the room, and the ledge 'juts out' in the corner. I will be negotiating that corner by creating an 'S' turn with O27 curved pieces (hope that makes some sense). Hopefully, I won't have any problems going through that 'S' curve, as long as I don't run the trolley or train too fast.....???? Do you think so??

    And my plan is to have the 'S' turn elevated on trestles. Hopefully this will all work okay.... [​IMG]
  8. Dave Farquhar

    Dave Farquhar Member

    The trolley should be OK on an O27 s-curve. My trains didn't like the O27 s-curve I had on my first layout. They had a tendency to derail. A short train will do better, as I had a tendency to try to run 10+ cars. One trick is to put a straight section the full length of a car between the two curves. That helps a lot.

    Try it flat before you elevate it. You'll be combining the three things trains dislike the most (curves, grades, and changes of direction). How well it'll react depends on what you're running. I know a train made recently will handle it better than a 1950s Lionel would.
  9. Conductor Zorak

    Conductor Zorak New Member

    Thank you Dave, that sounds like great advice. I had already considered adding the piece of straight track between the curved pieces; I will definitely do that. And for this layout, I don't imagine running more than a few cars at a time.

    As far as the grade goes, I am planning on doing the incline/decline with straight sections, and having the turns elevated but that should work out. Just the same, I will definitely test it out without the trestles first.

    Thanks again.

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